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Comin through the door of McDonalds this mornin; there he was. That nice old Man as sprite as ever. The one who likes to tell his stories about the old days. Stories from how far a penny used to go; from the squirrel nut candies and the MaryJane bars to the giant pickle barrel where you could grab a big sour one for just a penny! And the old war stories came at a bigger price. How we as a country would rebuild other countries after the conflict. Heavy! But today he had a big white bandage on his nose. Took the plunge and said ” what’s going on?” “That’s quite a bandage!”
He said ah… It’s nuttin, just a skin cancer that the Docs had to remove. “Sure glad they got it” I said. “Love your stories” I said Then he quipped, “They said I got it from the sunshine So I guess I got it from you.” God Bless you old Man. Stay out of the sun.


For Freedom, Christ has set us free dear ones. Remember this and do not acquiesce again to any yoke of bondage. Ye do well To stay strong in the power of His might by keeping all of His Armor on and remaining in His will. He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. His peace will keep you stronger still. Have a great day friend k

Heal Me Deeply

I love you Lord
More than anything
You’ve shown me love
More than I could say
I’ve learned to love another way

With every song I sing
All sustaining love You bring
I pray that all
Will come to You
And feel again…
Feel again…

So If the days turn into years
And find you in the night
And rolling thunderous tears begin
Let them pour down from your eyes

If it takes years
To assuage your fears
Let them all go…to Jesus
Heal me deeply…
Deep within

And if you’ve just begun to feel
The real you, honestly…
All sustaining love…
All sustaining love…
All sustaining Love
Heal me deeply…

By Day The Lord directs His love
At night His song is with me-
A Prayer to the God of My life
Psalm 42:8 Holy Bible
Rest well tonight my friend

God forgives all that beset you

Stopped at a country yard sale that was down the the road a spell. An older lady timidly emerged from the wood. I took a likin to an old ice fishing bucket she had tucked away under the table. so happy she was to pass that treasure on to me! I said “my what a beautiful smile you have” Got to talkin bout this and that and one thing led to another; after I told her that I noticed her beautiful skirt was homemade with the prettiest tapestry material I’d ever seen. That conversation moved to … I don’t feel beautiful or happy. I inquired of her … Could she point out to me, perhaps why. She said “I made a mistake a long time ago and hurt someone. the person has long since died and I told her that I was sorry. I wonder if God will ever forgive me. I am married again now but my mistake still haunts me and weighs heavy upon my heart. We certainly talked in more detail, but what really mattered is the story she needed to know.
A man was walking down the road carrying a big load on His shoulders. A Stranger came in a travel truck with lots of other people inside, just like himself and said “would you like a lift?” The man said oh … Yes Thankyou Sir, I am so tired and my shoulders are so sore. A ways down the road, the Stranger looked back in on His passenger and said ” Oh son … we have been traveling for miles and I see that you are sitting, but still your bags are still on your shoulders.” The man said “Oh … You were so kind to me, I didn’t want to give you all of my weight.”
You see I said to her when God forgives … he wants to take all of your weight that so easily beset you child and you are forgiven completely just for the asking. Be loved friend k

A Place where You Belong

You are beautiful in the sight of of The Lord Friend. Put your trust in Him. He that made you uniquely special wants to do a special healing just for you this morning. Today. Sunday … your day of rest. When you put your trust in Him fully He will lead you in the correct path anointed by Him and protected from all harm. This is a new dwelling place dear one.  A place where there is no condemnation in His perfect grace … A place where You Belong! He will never leave your side. He knows you love Him deep inside and are longing for lasting peace. This is the place where He gives us beauty for those ashes of our unfulfilled lives, that were left to ourselves; broken and up until now not fully leaning on Him. A place that gives us oil of joy for our mourning … A garment of praise for that spirit of heaviness. Let it all go … Anything that hinders you from falling in His arms resting completely in His unconditional love. His love is for you. The former things that held you captive to misery are lifted and gone from your shoulders. He carries that weight on the cross for you. You are forgiven … No matter what you have done in the past the moment you ask … Dearest Jesus come into my life. Come into my heart … Come in today … Come in to stay … He will come into your heart and never leave you. You are now called the trees of righteousness … The planting of The Lord. Jesus is glorified through every repentant soul and grants us the newness of life that we all are so longing for. Feel His arms round you … Let Him love you and completely and heal you forever now beloved k