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I Love Fall

“He will keep in perfect peace
Whose mind is stayed on Thee”

I love Fall.
Looking out my window at the myriad colors; the tapestry of the leaves,
draping down from the trees.
Scarved with dazzling shades of bright fiery beauty all around;
it gives me a warm feeling.

Remembering my Mothers hot cider and cinnamon sticks, in the big punch bowl. Doughnuts and coffee and talks at the kitchen table. Remembering, that She would get excited during this time year and she would make an early Thanksgiving Turkey, before Thanksgiving and it gave me such a chuckle. Apple crumb pies, sweet gherkins, mashed potatoes without one lump! pineapple upside down cake, with cherries in the middle. And Nothing was ever boring with her excitement around. She would always say, when tackling any problem, “What does it say in the Word.” And “God said it, I believe and that settles it!
She had faith in God, during so many hardships; as big as a mountain! She would tell us of how God always got her through with flying colors!
Walking down the road after dinner a must!
Going out with walking stick and pondering. God and His matchless love for all of us so precious.
The Magnificence of His perfect love be upon you friend
And give you peace. Have a beautiful Fall Sunday k
Kelly S Griswold 15


Careful now
Please beware
Some people are not
What they seem
Carriage sleek with lone ideas
Questions for the listening ear
Evil preludes taunting dust
Disappearing once again
Only to return once more
Before the cost of bloody seas
Trace their steps when casing joints
Striking in a flash of fire
So unbeknownst to honest ears
Until their time is set to bare
Innocents taken by surprise
Revealing latent darkness born
Dragged away with liars lust
Poison in the guise of trust
Watch the signs friend
Be forewarned
Wisdoms ear tuned
Tip top form
Kg. 15

Greater Love Hath no Man

“My God shall supply all your needs according to His Riches in Glory by Jesus Christ.” Phil 4:19

His eye is on the sparrow. He never sleeps, and He watches over you always. You are His. His own. You shall lack nothing. What a freedom from stress. Here’s how.
Let go of “Your way” and melt into the greatest love you could ever know. His way.
Without Christ you can do nothing. I can’t live without Him for a minute. His humble way will never lead you astray; but it will lead you into every good thing that you could ever dream of. This kind of love lasts forever.

“Greater love hath no Man, than this, that a man lay down His life for His friends.” John 15:13

Jesus laid His life down for us all. His sacrifice. The perfect love that you are looking for. The perfect love that you need.
We must follow Him and lay our life down for each other Touch the Hem of His precious garment…Your Faith Has made you whole!

A Doctors Work is Never Done

Doctors’ doctor
At fever pitch
The Seamstress sews
Never dropping a stitch

The Singer sings
Never skipping a beat
The Artist paints
What feels so deep

To scope the heart
Guage the needle
Soothe the ear
Please the eye

Cut a rug and
Keep the dance
Jesus, the salve
A healing hug
And a Doctors work
Is never done

Kelly S Griswold