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Let It Go

If your day stresses you out;
you feel frazzled and want to shout …
Someone taught me this little trick…
Take a deep breath in as deep as you can …
Then with pursed lips breathe out as slowly as you can …
Repeat as you concentrate on relaxing your muscles …
One by one …from head to toe …
There there now … Let it go …
And someone loves you forever you know

Kelly Sampson Griswold, June 28,2013


I’d rather be discerning than judgemental if I may.
Floating top the water unfamiliar with the way.
Heart upon His heart with love to gently lead the way
Through the hope beyond the fear because forgiveness
Wins the day. (:

I’m Living in Security

I’m living in security
Not insecurity
Living on the edge now
Not afraid of anything

I’m living in security
Not insecurity
Out of my head now… A long ways
From what you think of me

Kelly Sampson Griswold, June 26th, 2013

The Sweet Rose of Sharon

He is the Sweet Rose of Sharon
Who suffered for me
To give grace immeasurable
He’s the Sweet Rose of Sharon
No one can compare
And with His grace, with His grace I am free

I shall be like thy Son
Through the power of the cross
Conformed in His image of love
As I Abide in the vine
He brings forth my fruit
With my Spirit renewed I shine

With the water and the blood
To replenish my soul
Day to Day He is my sunshine above
With His sap running through me forever I grow
The Sweet Rose Of Sharon in bloom

Kelly Sampson Griswold
June 24th 2013

Christ Alone, not Karma

Just remember my friends, Don’t let Karma be your counterfeit Christ. He who has an ear. kg. Carry on

Pray for a dear friend

Dear friends Could you pray a prayer tonight for our close friend Chickie Holt. He has had a 103 Temperature since Wednesday. Hoping that the Doctors at the VA. Figure this put soon. Thanks a million, Kel

Let me put your tears in my bottle

You are so loved friend
His thoughts of “you” outnumber the sands
Of the sea
We live in a hustle bustle microwave world
People sometimes don’t slow down
And think about how they affect each other
If your heart gets broken…
As mine has too, remember… you are someone’s favorite child
His Name is Jesus and He felt each teardrop that fell
And when you can’t bottle them up anymore
God says
Let me put your tears in my bottle
For I love you so

June 2013, by Kelly Sampson Griswold

Morning Glory

Morning Glories climb the post and rail along the fence
The Rose of Sharon fills the air, sweet scent of all incense
In the center of it all, You are there to greet
As we in dim lit glass behold, the Glory of The Lord
Made we are perfected in, your likeness we abide
Work on in our seeking soul
To meet your joy inside
From the pistil to the stamen
Petal, sepal, vine
Each morn your light breaks, in my heart
It is well and satisfied

June 2013 by Kelly Sampson Griswold

Servant of Christ

Social Eminence- Servant of Christ
Assured Position-Servant of Christ
Relief-(Peace-Well-Being)Servant of Christ
Happiness-Servant of Christ

May 31st 2013 by Kelly Griswold