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Jesus Is The Absolute

The heathen rage and rage and rage
Derision rips and rips the stage
Filthy rags just rag and rag
With horns and tails that wag and tag
Rationalism is their bag
Misery loves company
They choose and ultimately lose …
I cry …
Oh Jesus You’re the absolute
In a world that turned and hated You
Glorifying self instead
With attitudes that rob and kill
Pride, it goes before a fall
Better to side in the Truth of God
To come and heed His Holy place
Mercy, love, peace and grace
When they need a stable warm…
They’ll find it in Your open arms
When they need a stable warm …
They’ll find it in Your open arms

Kelly S. Griswold


“Trust in The Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him and He will make thy paths straight. ”
Proverbs 3:5-6

“All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

More and more I have found that in our dim view of things, we surely do not see everything as The Lord our God can see in His wisdom. Our thinking and pride can get us into trouble many times. So “Trust is a Must.” “Trust or bust!” If we just pray to Him and leave things in His hands, Our Lord will work out in His time our issues (fighting fires) of the day for our good.
Sometimes He doesn’t want us to have that thing we want today. Because He knows what we need, better than us.
It seems to me that the Most difficult thing for us to do in our circumstances is to wait for Gods Answer. Our pride and our personal preferences can get in the way, and sometimes we make things worse. Like …
When there’s a fire … Just stop drop and pray. Get below that smoke, that causes us to panic and do things our way. In our daily life in this fast paced society we must learn to wait on certain things. If God wants us to have something, we will have it … It ‘ll be there.
Oh Excuse me … I was just wiping some smoke out of my eyes …

The Lord says “Wait on Him and He will renew our strength”.
You are so loved friend, xo
Have a great day k

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

Our Response

Whenever I am feeling down, I draw close to Jesus in the quiet. He is my peaceful sanctuary in good times and in bad.
Life is full of ups and downs; and that will probably continue. But God is so good. He loves us so much. It’s all in His great design for us to grow stronger and closer to Him. In these times; we are being molded into His image. His love is perfect. He is always with us; and He never fails us. We look to Him and He shows us His way. It’s all In His perfect love for you.
-I always remember my Mother, who said how important our response is in difficult times. I haven’t always reacted the right way in tough situations; but I have learned to get right back to Gods way through sincere apology. Love and forgiveness wins the day. A friend once spoke it to me this way … “Listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.”

Oh what a peaceful feeling it is
to sit in His presence, and meditate on His Word (God’s Holy Bible)

“When the going gets tough … The tough read the word” kg.

“Be still and Know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

You are so loved by our great and mighty God.
His name is Jesus; and He died to tell you so.

Kelly S Griswold