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#1 Local Ranking

Kelly Griswold is currently ranked Number one Locally at ReverbNation
With a warm thanks and a wealth of appreciation; for all her fans who continue to listen and enjoy her heartfelt original Music.

Run To Him

Run to Him
Who loves you so
Run into His Arms
You can really trust Him
There’s Rest in The Love of God
He will never leave you friend
Have a beautiful day love

You are never alone with God

“I will not leave you comfortless.
I will come to you.
John 14:18
Dear Lord thank you for the new morning dew
The rest upon my brow
The strength through every test along the way
The love you give when things are ever changing in life
During the then and the now
We know that You are with us
Changing us from glory to glory …
Your Holy Spirit comforts us and guides us always
And we need not ever be afraid
We are never alone


Rest Your Weary Head

As you rest your weary head
Upon the pillow case tonight
Know that Jesus is your rest
And holding you quite tight

He’s your oil of Joy for all
That ever made you sad
The fragrance of a gentle rose
Your balm of Gilead
He wisks away the days long stresses
Underneath His hallowed wing
The whisper of the wind is calling
With love From The King …

Home to sleep in peace
Sweet dear one …
Home to dream in peace

Home to sleep in peace
Sweet dear one …
In heavenly peace

Night k

The Call

Thank you Dear Lord
You never leave us
In our time of need
Even in the silent times
You do not leave us comfortless
You never sleep
In the Mignight hour
You help us till sweet the dawn
Your touch makes us whole
There is no shadow of turning with Thee…
You see all
You hear our call for help
You carry us to the safe place
Of complete trust in Your arms
By Your stripes we are healed
We think on these things
What You’ve done for us
Oh how You give us rest and peace
As We Meditate on you
Our rock our shield- k

In God’s tme

Wishing you a beautiful Day
May sadness be far from your window sill
Peace be still peace be still …
Everything’ll be sunshine
In Gods time, it will k

God is Good

Clothe yourself in joy
As you wait …
Keep on praying patiently
When you are stressed
Deeper goes your trust
Stronger grows your faith
Those who have not seen
Yet believe are blessed
The outcome will be good
In Gods good time
Hold on to The Lord
For He is good k

New Days Grace

“If any man be in Christ
In Him, he has become a new creation
Old things have passed away
Everything has become new in Him.”
Second Corinthians 5-17

Man I love that scripture. But truth be told
There are times when we all all trip and fall and say or do something
We shouldn’t have, without thinking. That’s the time to bring it to The Lord in prayer.
And That’s why I always love new mornings!
Every new morning brings Gods new grace and the hope of healing. He shines on us when we continually seek His face. God loves you so much that as soon as you confess that indiscretion, He removes it as far as the east is from the west. You see
All He wants is our pure contrite heart. He knows that we cannot be perfect without
coming to the cross moment by moment and day by day seeking Him and his ways. New Morning, new hope new grace new day. You are so loved k

Let Hm Love You

“For God so loved the World
That He gave His only begotten Son
That whosever believeth in Him
Shall not perish
But have everlasting life”

John 3:16

God gave up His only Son for all of us
To give us all the hope of eternal life with Him forever….
We have all fallen short of His Great Glory
God is calling you to Him
To rest in His bosom
In His grace … His love … Everlasting
And all you have to do is
Let Him love you k

Bouquet of Love

A host of Pink Tulips just started opening up in the front gardens
Loving spring! Time for some tea.
Have a great afternoon friend
Spread that beautiful smile of yours …
It’s a healing bouquet of love for the senses.
In a stressful world; there is you …k