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Holy Spirit Eyes

Remember to see the beauty
That no one else can see
That Holy Spirit look of love
That makes someone’s day carefree
Each one of us has His laminin
He holds in stormy seas
No matter how much time transpires
Rough waters someday cease
You just keep on caring
You just love them true
The left hand will forget the right
The Lord will get you through
You love them just for who they are
Holy Spirit eyes of empathy
You’ll be glad you loved them child
On their way to eternity

Have a beautiful evening friend
You are so loved …
Kg. October 2013

Sunrise God Built for You

Every sunrise God built for you
Every free growing flower breathes His truth
The central beat of your heart in tune
To His song of love that rings
in the butterfly’s cocoon
Have a beautiful day k

Pray for little Havana’s family

Dear Friends
Please pray for a close friend of mines family member whose 2 year daughter passed away at Dartmouth Medical Center.
Dear Heavenly Father We are thankfull Havana is at rest with You. We pray your loving arms around Havana’s whole family and give them the peace that passes all understanding. Hold them close to your loving breast Lord. Give them Your Wisdom and strength Lord. Sending love and prayers to this dear Family. K

You are My Success

Oh Dearest Lord, Strengthen my Faith.
All that I have I owe it all to You
Faith comes by hearing
And hearing by your Word
When I’m most uncomfortable
That’s when your power is felt most
And my Faith increases
That’s when I’m in the right place

For it’s not by my power
Nor by my strength
But By your Holy Spirit
Says The Lord, forge ahead
In Your precious time
Breathe easy and rest…
That’s when You’re power
Is felt most in this test

And flows through to me from Your tender breast
I love You Lord God of Hosts
More than anything …
You are … my …
xo k

Have a great Sunday

Good Morning beautiful one
May your day be bright no matter the weather …
May your pain be released
May you and The Lord walk closely together
May all your fears cease
Your bones be strong
May your heart be filled with the joy of The Lord
Singing unto The Lord a new song
For all the marvelous things He has done
Have a great Sunday k

A Crackling Fire

A Crackling fire, sippin camomile tea
Not a care so it seems in my head
Of anchors that lag, and drag and drag
I’ve left those to The Lord instead

A lullaby will strum me off ere to sleep
Where I in dreams hear angels sing
In boats with their wings, colored water floats
With bells that ring on their strings

I know God is working on me gently
He isn’t finished with me yet
I’ll pray the Our Father softly and serenely
And then it’s off to bed

Rest well k

Au Contraire

Although you were gone
From sight my dear
I seemed to see you everywhere
In the very corners of my mind…
In the hushings and the crushings
The rustling of the evening leaves
Low and crackled sigh…
I was sure
I heard a voice that creaked
I’m still here
Like an old
rocking chair

“Au Contraire”

Lent to me
For a deeper wisdom
Ecliptic pain
Twas like a yawning abyss
For a time
Donning down
A deep lament
Of a tree bent
On the ides of May

“Au contraire”

Fair thee well
Shall it never be
Met with screams
In the night
Echoing in the Hollows
Of a dream…
Never spent
Of apple pies and Sunday flair
Butterflies that fill the air

“Au contraire”

Tis God who bends
And breaks the darkness
And brings the fresh new dawn again
Yet whilst we wait
Will calm our soul
Be our holy guide
Lift us up
and be our salve
Heads held high
With hat and glove
To look beyond
And again find love
With embodied faith
Cause hope
To try

Morning Prayer

A morning smile a morning prayer
A morning wish to tell you I care
I’ll be with you always friend
Take me with you child
As you you go on your way
Have a great and God Blessed Day

There is Only One You

Dear Blessed one of our Father
You were created uniquely and you are so special to Him
There is only one you
and you are so beautiful in His sight
You are so loved
He knows you and is calling you
He wants you to know that you are accepted
And that He will never leave you
Rest well in His arms tonight knowing this
Sweet dreams

Newness of the Day

As you Thank God for a brand new day
The sun so bright, the sky so blue
The air as sweet as the Concord grapes snapping off the vine
The past is but a breaking dawn
For the new and stronger you
You are more than a conquerer
An over comer
Don’t stop beautiful one
Keep going in the newness of the day
Making Streams in the desert
Forgiveness knows the way-