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New Morning

“As the Deer panteth for the water-brook
So my soul longeth after Thee”
Psalms 42

Each new morn, The Lord doth bring
His beauty He bestows,
The heart, in holy strength and hope
The Spirits budding rose

With springs of holy power, we cope
Oh Savior Christ; we learn
To look to You; our bright repose
We yearn for Your return

As the brook will wind and turn
There’s no more fear, for bumps
What a joyful song we sing
Trusting God, for each new jump

We praise You by the river side
We praise You In the flood
Our heart and soul, is purified
There’s cleansing in the blood

Kelly S Griswold

Have a joyful New Years friend
You are Beautiful

Above The Fray

“Oh come let us bow down
Let us kneel before our Maker”
Psalm 95:6

“Though war and pain have not yet ceased

We have a Savior sure
Christ is coming soon sweet friend 

He’s even at the door

Look up to Him until the end

Not back into the cloud

He is always with you child

Wherein your head is bowed

Praying for you

For a great and God blessed day

That glides as smoothly

Over the tough hills

With powdery snow

And through the glades

With perfect view 

From our Glorious King 

Each and every day

Lifted above the fray

With Jesus love in abundance 

Strength for the way



All Through His Love

Wishing for you, a great day my friend
Chock full of blessings from the Father above
Peaceful, your risings all touched by His love
In this hustle and bustle, world

You can do all things through Christ the Lord
Who pardons and strengthens you.
Plugging straight into to the word of Life
New challenges; you’ll quickly breeze through

Wishing for you a great day my friend
Chock full of blessings, from the Father above
Peaceful, your settings all wrapped in His love
In this hustle, and bustle, world

Kelly S Griswold