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Blues Riff #19

Show me the way to go home dear lover
I got an achin in my head
I’m tired of all the drama and the beg beg beg
And I wanna go softly to bed

Does anyone want truth dear lover
I’ve learned quite a long time ago
Important is as important does
No face has the beauty so low

Home is in the heart, in the heart sweet lover
My head is relieved, clearly now
The dead bury the dead and before I’m dead
I wanna go softly to bed

The dead bury the dead and before I’m dead
I wanna go softly to bed

Kelly S. Griswold


I remember driving down the street
Melancholy from my soul to my feet
And the only thing that filled the void
Was Jesus who heals the heart destroyed
Without Him there can be no peace
What they don’t know can block the seas
I love You Lord right here today
You moved my Melancholy blues away
Like an orchid that rests in misty rain
Floating the oceans healed of pain

Sept 2013

Diamonds None the Less

I used to look at my faults through a microscope so to speak. Like a diamond under the scope, the deeper I looked, the deeper And bigger the flaws. Truth be it told; there is no one perfect, no not one. In it’s natural state a diamond is actually very much unlike the crystal cut and polished gem, that we see, after the the master cutter cuts and brings out it’s true Beauty. I think it is wise to concentrate on what God is cutting and polishing us to be. After all, we’re all just diamonds in the rough … Diamonds none the less.
Sept 2013

Take My Yoke

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me
For I am meek and lowly in heart
You will find rest unto your soul
For my yoke is easy
And my burden is light”
Matthew 11:29
When Everything around us seems to shout
Anger, stress, power, control;
Striving and not thinking of the other
And how they might feel is always in the equation. …
Let us put these on His shoulders child
He wants to show you a new way to lift a burden that should not even be.
When is the last time you laid it all down
And said ” God I need You to take over my
Attitude and let you lead”. The bible says that
God our maker calls us friend. That’s what I’m talkin about.
Jesus talked about Israel and John the Baptist
And what did he see. A Prophet who said prepare ye the way for Jesus is coming. He was telling them all to repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand .
And who received the message? The humble and lowly in heart.
And moreover Today in our power hungry world.
The ones who feel the need for God whose ways are infinitesimally higher than ours will seek Him. Wise men still seek Him. Our God, the Holy Spirit is always divining for us. He is resonating in the hearts of the chosen who choose to be led by Him and not their own selfish desires. They know their inadequacy. They see Him.
Will it be the rich, angry, power seeker of control?
What shall we have if we gain the whole world and lose our soul in the meantime? When your heart turns to God and trusts Him full, strife is gone from the equation and victory is already yours. When you have Him you have it all.
He is right beside you all the while
With unconditional love and kindness
That’s where I want to be.
Sept 2013

Camomile Time

Camomile time
Sweet night birds wind chimes
Caressing and calling me
With homeward sounds
Eyes so heavy
As I say my prayers
All my loved ones be safe
Neath the stars in His care

Pillow bound
Night friend and God bless
You are loved K

Come Closer

Even when you feel like you are going through a fiery furnace, think of it as a resting place. For you see, God is nearer to a broken heart; He is even closer to a broken heart.
Come closer to Jesus in that time dear one and you will be all the more impenetrable to the heat baby.
Sept 2013

True Love

True love in the living involves, Kindness, justice and mercy … Learn to show these things to everyone on earth.
Humble yourself in the sight of The Lord and He will lift you up. In due time everything hidden will be shown in the sunlight; everything you think silent will shout upon the hilltops.
Ask your Heavenly Father to help you to simply be filled with his Spirit. When to stop when to go …when to speak and when to lay low. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Even if you are right in a matter you must learn to have empathy for the others feelings, or you will alienate the very one you are trying to convince.
Have faith that God is always in control of every situation. His ways are higher than ours. His ways are perfect. His love (kindness, justice, and mercy) will always win the day.
Sept 2013

Lead the Way

Mornin beautiful one!
The Lord has a great day in store for you!
Look up to that great big sky
Look into the sweet sun for a moment and feel it’s warmth
and say …
My God in whom I find my strength …
Lead the way!
Not in my might;
But in Your Spirit, as Sayeth the Lord!
Have a great day my friend
Go out and cut a rug!

For His Glory and honor
We praise His Name Jesus
Sept 2013

Rest in His Arms

Rest well dear ones
Enjoying the cool night!
Bet you re too!
Leave your troubles all at the feet of Jesus
He will never leave you comfortless
Rest your head in the shelter of His arms …
Sleep tight and God Bless
Sept 2013

Soothing Cup of Love

Nice cool Mornin! Good for for a walk
Down the blessed trail of happiness
You are forgiven friend and how
His Grace abounds to you
like a soothing cup of love that pours
Walk with freedom child living for the moment in the now
And Don’t forget to show the world that beautiful smile of yours
Sept 2013