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Memories of Mom

Pressing on strings of Heaven dear
A love songs warmth imbues
I see you on the inside
In drops of royal dew

With this dawning lyrical
My heart doth ache for you
I’m missing threads of yesteryear
In hues of green and blue

Sipping on tea at breakfast
Zion’s Country side in view
Resonant strides of jeans appear
Loves drapery of you

We walked the long and winding trails
Before you flew to rest
Up the joyful driveway
Invigorating quest

Courage, tenacity, fortitude
Through Jesus gave her best
A strength instilled inside me
Forever I am blessed

God on every roadside
Growing up in simple faith
Hardship was no load to bear
Jesus Word saith

“I Am” is all she heard
His strength to scale each wall
‘Twas you my mother who taught me ere
On Him that we must call

Kelly S Griswold

Thank you Lord, for my Mother
Who taught me … “The All”
On Him alone that we must call