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Heal Me Deeply

I love you Lord
More than anything
You’ve shown me love
More than I could say
I’ve learned to love another way

With every song I sing
All sustaining love You bring
I pray that all
Will come to You
And feel again…
Feel again…

So If the days turn into years
And find you in the night
And rolling thunderous tears begin
Let them pour down from your eyes

If it takes years
To assuage your fears
Let them all go…to Jesus
Heal me deeply…
Deep within

And if you’ve just begun to feel
The real you, honestly…
All sustaining love…
All sustaining love…
All sustaining Love
Heal me deeply…

By Day The Lord directs His love
At night His song is with me-
A Prayer to the God of My life
Psalm 42:8 Holy Bible
Rest well tonight my friend