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When we speak He hears

When we speak He hears

The forehead pressure of her life

Bequeathed us all a blow

But with the strength of Jesus Christ

We all of us should know.

Our father loves us more and more

And soon we feel the tears.

This tired life that’s full of things,

That trouble us for years.

Still He’s the glue that stands us tall

And is our watchful Glow.

That helps us in our time of need

His love we will bestow.

And every day we’re out of bed

Steadfast we face our fears.

We love, let go of love some more

And when we speak He hears.

I wrote this when my sister was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.
Praise God for what He’s done in her life and in our life because of her.
I love you Sarah.

Your best friend,