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I see faces
Some lined in pain
Needing love strewn unfeigned
Like a prism in the light
Shining brightly…
All through the night
Maybe that’s all they need
In the moment
A smile that can grow the seed
Moving lines across the face
His Spirit to embrace
Love… from the Highest Grace

Spread the Love you find in Jesus
Cast your bread apon the water
Show them all that Jesus cares
With a smile
You could wipe away their tears
And soon you will see
His reflection coming back on every wave
Like skipping stones across the water
See the rings…
How they ripple, catch and save
Further than you’ll ever know
The love of Jesus yearns to go

Just being kind
with a gentle loving phrase
Showing His Mercy…
When someone’s lost their way
Jesus loves them
And Jesus is the way
To say
I love You..
I love you….

Further than you’ll ever know…
The love of Jesus
Yearns to go
Further than you’ll ever know
The love of Jesus
Yearns… to… go

Words and Music by Kelly Sampson Griswold