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As every man has received the gift
Even so, minister the same; to another
A stewards of Gods manifest grace
1 Peter 4-10

Those beautiful gifts that you have been given
Are bursting into light
Freely received and freely given from The Savior
By His Power
And His Grace
And from His bounty; they glorify His Holy Name
That beautiful smile, Those kind words for another
Your special gifts of service at the workplace or at home workplace
Are healthful to the bones!
Feels good to pass it on,
His love!
Have a beautiful new week friend
Jump right in. Enjoy the splash
You are so loved k

God’s Faithfullness

Off to Church to praise the name of Jesus
Our Rock and Salvation
Thankful for His love and provision

Trust wholly in Him friend
For He is Faithful
Come into the safety of Jesus
Come into His strong arms of love
He’ll protect you
He’ll hold you up against anything
That has come against you
Hang on and Holdfast to Him
He will never let you down
You are safe in His dwelling place
Forever friend

The Lord is my rock and my fortress
And my deliverer
My God, my strength in whom I will trust
My buckler and the horn of my salvation
And my high tower.

Have a super Sunday k

Fruit Divine

Cool and rainy Saturday
Water for the fields
A halo arching from the heavens
Of grapes, sweet, the yield
Thankful to The Lord our God
And in His vine Abide
In clusters tightly bursting tall
Draping as they fall
Dropping into eager hands
Or mouths that cannot wait
Jelly jars a’counting
For The Lord gives fruit divine

Kg. ’14

From Within

What we are is what we fill ourselves with, my love
What we speak comes from a place deep within our heart
Cleanse our hearts Jesus
And fill our hearts with Your perfect love
Move us on in Your elegance …
With wings from above

kg. ’14


Oh what a beautiful mornin
I think it’s going to rain

“The oil of gladness; the oil of Joy pour out upon me
That the light of rejoicing would sing out through the windows
And the door of my heart.”
Psalm 45-7

Dear Lord, Give us a willing heart and mind filled with Your oil that lights our way. With Your power, grace and glory and faith, fill us with the wonder of Your love to shine the light for others. Let them see you in us; all through the day.

Have a super new week friend k


I love the night
The gentle calming of the breeze
The rocking of the porch swing
The shelter of the trees
The blessing of the darkness
When another day is gone
All is thanks and praise to Him
The Lover of our song

Wishing you a restful sleep tonight friend
I pray for you
Restorative rest
A healing touch from Jesus
To the innermost part of your being
A santuary sweet
In the comfort of sitting at His feet
He never sleeps
He is watching over you
As you sleep
Rest well friend

“If you lie down, you will not be afraid
When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet”
Proverbs 3-24

Father of Mercy

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Lord of Compassion and the God of all Comfort
Who comforts us in All of our troubles
So that we can comfort those in any trouble
With the comfort that we ourselves have recieved from God.”

Second Corinthians 1:3-4

Heavenly Father we thank you
For by Your mercy we are saved
You are the Father of Mercies
It’s so awesome to know
When we just call out Your Name in Faith
You are just waiting in Your infinite mercy to save us.
Blessed forever in the comfort of Your love.
We are saved according to Your Mercy and we are so thankful.
We show Your love to others by Your grace your mercy your power your might.
Your love is boundless. Oh let it spill over unto others and touch every hurting soul Thankyou for Your healing merciful love Lord unto us.

Morning prayer k


Step out of your comfort zone
Into the sun
Open up your smile
For everyone
They need to see
Your beauty’s’ beauty
Enjoy the reflections
Echoing sweetly back to thee
Step out of your shade
Into the sun
That beautiful smile
Is For everyone


Look to Jesus

“Wherefore Holy Brethren
Partakers of the heavenly calling
Consider the apostle
And High Priest of our profession Jesus Christ
Who was faithful to Him that appointed Him.”
Look to Jesus always.
Follow Him. Walk with Him and talk with Him; sing to Him; rest in Him.
Jesus, who was faithful to us, all the way to the Cross.

They looked to Him and were enlightened
And their faces were not ashamed



As the sunflower grows tall
To face the sun and it’s rays
We look to the Son, and seek His face
In His warmth, we bask long
In His wisdom, we listen and wait
Learning to trust Him fully in the way
Time passes …
We begin to realize and appreciate
The Sunflowers dignity as it fades
Bending forward to give us sweet seed
In golden fields of hay…
To Rest In Peace, as if to say
Look to Me on blended knee and pray
Hear Him say
I Am your strength for each new day

Kelly Griswold ’14

This pretty Sunflower has been grown from a seedling by Chantelle Marie.
She placed her seedling where it would get great amount of sun.
With careful watering, the sunflower plant grew and grew.
After time a flower began to form. Through much patience of waiting
She reaped the joy of her love and dedication, when the flower bloomed.
As we keep our eyes and hearts looking to Jesus; we grow like the sunflower. His love will bloom through us unto others; just as many new seeds are given by the sunflower.
Oh, The Joy of His salvation.

Matthew 13:23 “But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the Word, and understandeth it, which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

May your pillow be soft
Where your weary head lays …
Tonight and always
Rest well friend