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Comin through the door of McDonalds this mornin; there he was. That nice old Man as sprite as ever. The one who likes to tell his stories about the old days. Stories from how far a penny used to go; from the squirrel nut candies and the MaryJane bars to the giant pickle barrel where you could grab a big sour one for just a penny! And the old war stories came at a bigger price. How we as a country would rebuild other countries after the conflict. Heavy! But today he had a big white bandage on his nose. Took the plunge and said ” what’s going on?” “That’s quite a bandage!”
He said ah… It’s nuttin, just a skin cancer that the Docs had to remove. “Sure glad they got it” I said. “Love your stories” I said Then he quipped, “They said I got it from the sunshine So I guess I got it from you.” God Bless you old Man. Stay out of the sun.