God forgives all that beset you

Stopped at a country yard sale that was down the the road a spell. An older lady timidly emerged from the wood. I took a likin to an old ice fishing bucket she had tucked away under the table. so happy she was to pass that treasure on to me! I said “my what a beautiful smile you have” Got to talkin bout this and that and one thing led to another; after I told her that I noticed her beautiful skirt was homemade with the prettiest tapestry material I’d ever seen. That conversation moved to … I don’t feel beautiful or happy. I inquired of her … Could she point out to me, perhaps why. She said “I made a mistake a long time ago and hurt someone. the person has long since died and I told her that I was sorry. I wonder if God will ever forgive me. I am married again now but my mistake still haunts me and weighs heavy upon my heart. We certainly talked in more detail, but what really mattered is the story she needed to know.
A man was walking down the road carrying a big load on His shoulders. A Stranger came in a travel truck with lots of other people inside, just like himself and said “would you like a lift?” The man said oh … Yes Thankyou Sir, I am so tired and my shoulders are so sore. A ways down the road, the Stranger looked back in on His passenger and said ” Oh son … we have been traveling for miles and I see that you are sitting, but still your bags are still on your shoulders.” The man said “Oh … You were so kind to me, I didn’t want to give you all of my weight.”
You see I said to her when God forgives … he wants to take all of your weight that so easily beset you child and you are forgiven completely just for the asking. Be loved friend k

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