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Humble Bumblebee

When we learn to let things go
We are truly free
Servants to work in Harmony
Like the humble bumblebee
Flower to flower, no idle time
No wandering off course you see
No time to dilly dally
Precious pollen, our source of feed
Pleasing oil of Joy released
The air is worry free
When Humble bumblebees and flowers
Are open faced to Thee

Kelly S Griswold

Have a super day friend k

Break of Dawn

At the break of dawn,
I hear the birds proclaiming His Majesty.
They sing with confidence.
They know that God takes care of their needs.
Each day, that you wake up;
I pray, that you feel loved and cared for.
May you feel Gods infinite joy
because you are His joy.
You are so special. You have great worth and great purpose;
and as you take a deep breath of fresh air,
may you feel refreshed for the new days demands.
May God bring you new wisdom each day as you grow in The Lord
Knowing that with the Lords love and help;
Your strength is renewed; as the eagle.
Fly High above the fray, proclaiming your victory
for the glory of The Lord.

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart
All ye that hope in The Lord.” Psalms 31-24

Have an awesome love filled day friend.
And give the world one of those delightful contagious, smiles of yours! They are gifts and
They have wings k

Good Attitude

Isn’t it so cool, when God fixes something, that we thought was beyond fixin? It always starts with a good attitude. He loves us so much more than we could ever dream. Situations may take time to work out; but all we have to do, is to pray and not worry; let it go and let God work in His perfect miraculous ways. Sooner or later, we are looking back on what once seemed impossible, thinking, Ahhhhh … I see the lesson in that. Gods infinite wisdom touching the soul. He is and always will be our miraculous restorer. Thank-you Jesus You are our God of the impossible.
-Kelly S Griswold

God is Faithful

God is Faithful

Psalms 83:18
” That they may know that Thou alone whose name is The Lord art the most high over all the earth.”
Do you know that God, the most high has sovereignty over all kingdoms and gives it to whom He will? God is in Control of everything. God is sovereign. He has a good plan for you that will last forever. God will give you what you need and provide more when He sees fit; because He knows what we need. God is our best advocate and provider. Earthly desires can easily consume us unless we put God’s will first and foremost in our lives.
You will prosper in Him. The desire to glorify Him must out weigh any other thing that we could strive for; such as glory, fame or power. This can certainly cause us to be controlling ourselves, which ends in futility; peddling needlessly on a never ending tread mill; still unsatisfied.
Paul said ” I am content in rich or in poor. So why are people striving so much for wealth and power and have gotten … relatively nowhere? Only through Christ, can we see clearly. In and of ourselves; we haven’t progressed; except to gain more strife. All we really need, is to be living each day for God because of His sacrifice and love for us. Live and breathe each day in gratitude and love in The Lord Jesus Christ. Love others as yourself. Giving all of your stresses to Him is paramount to a peace filled life. He knows what’s best. Remind yourself of that.
Go easy on yourself and others. God loves you more than you could ever dream.
Continue to be faithful, in the gifts that He has given to you. No matter what has been given or taken from you. He, who stands with you forever, has a plan for you that stretches far beyond the stars. His plan is perfect in love and is everlasting.
We can help others to see, that humility and kindness, are not signs of weakness. They are signs of the strong who are at peace with God.
For we know. Only Jesus satisfies the soul.
Stand firm in God; He is sovereign.

Have a great day walking in His sunshine

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Going to be Alright

“Consider the lilies, how they toil not and they spin not and yet I say to you; that Solomon and all His glory was not arrayed like one of these. If then God so clothed the grass, which is today in the field and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you.”

I had a dream last night of an old “friend”
She was crying … She was tired and she laid down and rested.
Her soft, slightly puffed and tired eyes kept tearing … So I shut the door away from her tight … against the hustle bustle world …
I gently wiped her tears away and said there there …
It’s going to be alright.

You know, If The Lord cares about all the little birds
And the trees and the flowers and the bees that He made go buzzin round and round … Surely He has you right in the palm of His hand.
How much more does he care about you? So much that He spread His arms and died for you to know how much.

Life is difficult sometimes, but God is good. Be gentle with yourself and love yourself even if you can’t be perfect and fix everyone. You keep doing your best in Gods power, and He will do the rest. Let His love melt your stresses. We are all learning to live in His wisdom. That’s what His love is for. We can rest in Him; knowing that we are worth more than many farthings to God.
He wants you to know that you are beautiful in His sight.
Hungry and tired from a hard day? … Know that God is proud of you! That’s what is important. He is our identity, provider, peace and strength.
Ahhh…feel the rest xoxo k

Smooth Sailing

I felt God’s love from up above
As I confessed my sin
Sweet conviction tender still
Cleansed me deep within

As I brought it straight up to the Lord
The pain and guilt rescind
Holy Spirit flowed in grace
With His cool and gentle wind

Removed the heaviness within
How clearly I saw You
Falling fresh upon me Jesus
Your love shined through

Freed at last, for I was forgiven
Heaven opened wide
I owe my life to Jesus Christ
Who ransomed me and died

Holy Father filled with power
Tears were rolling in
Like a river in my heart
Cleansing deep past sin

The new day came with sweet relief
Yielding to You whole
Comfort solace reassured
Peace from You alone

Kelly S Griswold

The Dawning

Dearest oh Lord
As evening doth fade
The new morning dawns
With sun on the glade

Your still quiet voice
I am tuned to oh Lord
With the angels resounding
In Holy accord

You Fill up my being
With Exultation
Your great love and life
Leading me on

Kelly Sampson Griswold


Praise Him though the night my child
Feel your heart go light
His quilting clouds shall cover thee
When faith regards the night

Oh what troubles fade away
Nothing matters more
Jesus with you all night through
A peaceful sleep in store

Kelly S Griswold

Her Call

She had a voice
as soft As a babies breath
Yet It carried
Through the deepest canyons
To gather back her quiver full
To the rivers rest
And all that she lived for
Was her children at her breast
She was finest at refining
Her gold in her nest

Kelly S Griswold/

Better Things

“He will cover you with His feathers
Under His wings you will find refuge”
Psalm 91

Better things

Placing all our brokenness
Into The Fathers hand
His soft laid wing, that broke our fall
In Jesus, safely land

Strong and beating heart, now live
In New life, rest your brow
Gone, the sorrows, gone the pain
The time to rest is now

When our best laid plans, release
And seem to come to nought
Resting neath His wings, we see
Better things has Jesus wrought

Kelly S Griswold