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Breaking The Tears “Living In the Reality”

Living in the Reality

We all get rejected sometimes. Jesus Christ got rejected and had done absolutely nothing wrong.

I get rejected, but my confidence is in Christ. I do my best and let God do the rest. I’m not perfect; that’s for sure; but when I miss the mark, I admit my faults; and I’m very sorry, when I hurt someone. I apologize, with no excuses. If I am not accepted,
I’ll just keep on loving and forgiving. Thanking God
for loving us.

I know that I am blessed, just to see another day; and to breathe another breath from God.
Everyday is a gift from God. I am blessed, beyond, compare;
even in separation, reproach, or even
If cast out by anyone in this world; I know that God who’s name is Jesus Christ, will never ever leave me. That is where my fortitude comes from.
That’s what the Lords love is all about.
Christ forgave us for our sins; He loved us in the midst of our transgressions; He cleansed us from our sins and covered us with His love by dying on the cross for us.
I count it all joy for the cause of Christ sufferings. I know that God’s steadfastness is the result.

People who seek the truth from God, will find what is true.
Nothing matters more than His perfect love that keeps growing inside our heart. There is nothing more satisfying in this world than to live in the true love of God, who is our Savior, Jesus Christ.
We see best, when Holy Spirit gives us the wisdom of Jesus; His unconditional love … to love and let the pain go. This kind of love has eyes of compassion; that are on Christ and not on us, but on the one who made the sacrifice to set us all free.


Trusting God

Diverge from stress, oh yes, oh yes
Yet ne’er digress back to the mess
One road high, the other low
Our thoughts to Jesus,
Off we go

Fret not ere, the future dear
We do not know, what’s over there
God’s word, it smooths the roughest path
He lights the road
and lifts our cares

The victory clear oh yes, oh yes
Trust God, and not in friend or foe
Walk on with Him, His ways not ours
Our thoughts to Jesus
Off we go

Kelly S Griswold