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Isthmus Bliss

Oh Isthmus
Where in lies the bliss
There on the Cross…There on rests the peace
After all…
After all the disdain
How deep was the pain
Were your arms heavy
In forbearance
As You held me…
Held me in Your arms
It was Your perfect plan
You came as a babe
To die on a tree
To make me a child
Of a Glorious King
To knight me at last
Shoulder to shoulder in your Kingdom
On the rock
Of Isthmus past
I was wrapped in…
An old and battered cloak
Held together with shame
When suddenly…
The coat was taken from me
For a free exchange
You clothed me
In a brand new robe
That Fit perfectly
A robe of white
Filled with strength and Nobility
Oh how You loved me…
You came as a babe
You died on a tree
To make me a child
Of a Glorious King
To Knight me at last
Shoulder to shoulder in Your Kingdom
On the rock
Of Isthmus past
Let me never forget
Let it never wax nor wane
My victory story
Down memory lane
When I left all this worlds
Desires and allure
For You to shine..
Shine forevermore


When you rest your weary head, upon the pillow tonight
Remember just how beautiful you are,
Just by being in this world.
Your presence is a very special blessing, to so many.
Your gifts are needed, and no one can fulfill them quite like you do.
You are a gift to others.
You are specially created by God.
I pray for strength for you
For the tasks at hand, that God has set before you.
And tonight, I pray for Jesus touch upon you;
His healing hand; and His arms of love,
to rock you gently to sleep.
Sleep soundly tonight friend
And may you wake refreshed and rejuvenated
For the days ahead k

Kelly S Griswold

We are Loved

Every hardship we go though is designed to bring us closer to Jesus. To rely on Him totally.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You. In God, whose word I praise, In God I have put my trust; I shall not be afraid What can mere man do to me?”
Psalms 56:3-4

In Jesus we are complete. In His arms, we rest.

We are loved; more than we could ever dream.



He healeth the broken in heart
And binds up their wounds
Psalms 147-3

The Lord is nigh unto them
That are of a broken heart
Psalms 34-18

The Lord is nearer to a broken heart, friend
He heals those who are crushed in spirit
He hung moon and stars, He fed the ravens
He delights when you come to the point
Of brokenness and contriteness
His arms are open wide for you
His perfect love
And His grace is forever
He is the only one that you need to go to for healing
You are so loved
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Our Hope

Rising with the hope, of Jesus
Expectation songs we sing
Baskets of His Joy are bringing
Promises of Christ our King

Holy Spirit fire and power
Strength to tread upon all roads
No matter what the trial may be
Consistent prayer, is life and peace

God will give the glorious outcome
His Love flowing unrestrained
Springing showers of golden nuggets
Living in His word, The way

Kelly S Griswold