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Ridgeville,SC Cyprus United Methodist Church sermon 3/29/20 by Daniel Griswold

Grace on the Water

Effortlessly…the dolphin flys
She moves transcending poise, with style
Smooth and sleek, her bounding arc
With sweet surrender, grace embarks

Her voice on cue, intelligent
Flows back and forth with echoing
Elegant, the song released
To slice into the sundry seas

She slows right down, for weaker ones
Stays long side them, losing none
Coalescing, loyalty
Lives in humble harmony

Like a gentle answer to a prayer
First we listen, then we hear
With spirit, joy and frolicking
God leads us to our happy home
Kelly Sampson Griswold

The Warming

At last, the hope of Spring has come
Naked ‘pon the amber grass
Yearning for the warmth of rays
Rightly beaming on my face
I feel the glow break through the glass
Awake my heart that never paled
But slumbered long enough to dream
In colors bit by bit till dawn
Begin again so soft and bare
As spring rains melt the winter shale
Uncovering the litten pass

Kelly S Griswold

Lady Slipper

Lady slippers popping
Lightly dot the ground
The backwoods deep, are sipping sap
In this ancient, shanty town

With golden fertilizer
The wind blows, whispering
The moccasin floats high above
The needles in the spring

Seed by single seedling
Old things are now set free
Lord Jesus bares His beauty born
In His tranquil sanctuary

Words and music
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Spring Time Melt

Spring time melt!

All the treasures, the earth had stolen
Covered by the wintery snow
Out of reach, to bend beneath
A pocket full, below

The scrapper in me, won out, big time
Eye long, with the song of the crow
A fetching beak, for coins that shine
Jingling nest of art nouveau

And you’ll never lose your glow
I know, I know, I know I know
You’ll never lose your glow
I know …

For all my friends, at springtime melt
The walks and the sparkling views
Are pleasant jaunts, sustainers bright
In these times, I think of You


By Kelly Sampson Griswold
Spring time Melt

Thank You Lord Jesus for your perfect love and grace
Have a beautiful day friend

Empathy Tea

When two collide
In a twining interleave
In my book they should sit down
Over tea and unwind
All perceived emotions
Setting iron to iron
Both will be Happy
If they just spend the time
Not to shut out offender
Or offendee in silence
Empathy Cries
I will talk with you and humbly discern
I will forgive and ask for forgiveness
I will serve with love
Empathy Rise
Like leaven instilled into the mixture
As in the baking of bread
If we see it fall
We’ll knead the dough, once again
We’ll flute the ends together
Until completely sealed
Serenity mends
In time my friend
When deep calls unto deep
We will call upon Thee
Together enthralled
In healing beauty
We’ll put on the boil
Into porcelain vessels
Empathy, Go Forth
The Teacups
Three people strong
Three stitches more
Three white beds
To sleep in the Hall

Psalms 25:9
Kelly Sampson Griswold

His Room

Do not lay your treasure child
in a hidden tomb
Where moths and rust breakdown, corrupt
Be the lovely flowers bloom

The brightest, shining, heavens jewel
Your heart, in Him imbued
The promise child when Jesus said
That He’ll take care of you

Everything you’ll ever need
Is in His splendid room
Fully furnished, filled with joy
In Jesus love so true

Kelly S Griswold