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He Sings the Song

Help us oh Lord
To have a teachable Spirit
A compassionate mind
And a heart filled with love

Attuned to You
Perfectly atoned
With a faith that endures
Sharpened and honed

When doing what is right
Can sometimes feel so wrong
We cannot rest till we know
Until He sings the song

When all that we ponder
Is past all the pain
When letting go is kindness
Patience has her way

While rejoicing always
All Joy in His will
To Lose surely gain
While loving still

To love in all the right ways
Selflessly lowly tide
Seeing things through Jesus eyes
With right holy bide

When doing what is right
Can sometimes feel so wrong
We cannot rest till we know
To let Him sing the song

Kelly S Griswold

Nature of God

The very nature of God, enfold you
Fill you so warmly with peace
His grace is the power you need my child
For hurts only love can release

Let’s, let it go, let The Love in
Beginning with you and with me
Where the floodgates of Heaven are flowing
In the light of His glory, we’re healed

Cool, are the waters of cleansing
To forgive and be forgiven within
Feel the pressures escape in the moment
His love and His mercy come in

Kelly S Griswold

Have a beautiful evening friend

Morning Song

Living in Gods’ strength
His mercy and His grace
Flowing with His power
Looking to His face
Revitalized, our humble hearts
Each moment in the dance
With His love instilled in us
His strength and permanence
Each morning feel the dew
Touching on our face
Ever thankful birds eye view
As we run the race

Kelly S Griswold
Morning Song

Have a great day friend
You are so loved k


Tonight friend
After the dance
A midnight stroll
Where the trails end
And meet waters edge
We skip a few stones
Across the Pond
Closer and closer
They lightly coast
Winding down
Their beats afloat
Tapping the tears
Always thinking
They sunk too soon
Filtering out
The Worlds ere noise
Subsiding, till asunder hush
Inviting warm incoming rest
With Gods right arm
To set me down
In perfect time
Twill ease on in
The new and beautiful
Grace filled morn

God bless
Kelly Sampson Griswold

I’m Gonna Stay In Love

Lining rooftops high and low
Like dominoes falling icicles
Past my own sight dim and low
Peddling lightning on bicycle

And I’m gonna stay… In love
Mercy, mercy me
I’m gonna stay… in love
His beacon over me

I don’t want to cry … no more
Faith revived and energized
I’ve died a million times to fear
Tired of being … Paralyzed


Baseball cards in rhythm song
Wound up tight elastic drum
Inside spokes, the harp plays on
Easing, soothing, childlike hum


Safe in sight, in God’s mind eye
Beyond my routes capacity
Angels on my shoulders high
With Jesus setting my soul free

And I’m gonna stay … In love
Mercy me mercy me
I’m gonna stay in love
His beacon over me

Kelly Sampson Griswold