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Mighty Cross of Wood

Better not just talk about it
Put it on the mighty cross of wood
The answer comes when you don’t think about it
Just when you do not think it could

Better not just talk about it
He bled and died for you He stood
He bore it all on the cross of Calvary
For all mankind and brotherhood

In His hands the pain dissipates
He heals it all He said He would
When you look back you’ll see dear one
He works your troubles for the good

Better not just talk about it
Put it on the mighty cross of wood
A song of praise His mercy mild
His promises so true and good


Words and music
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Even Though It’s Cold Out There

Even though it’s cold outside
All going, take The walk
Walk right through the open wind
And let it hit the talk

Your tear filled eyes, He dries them all
Your trust in Him alone
You Walk in Him atoned to truth
The Rock, the Cornerśtone

In His strength you carry on
Take up your bed and go
You weary ones who have been stoned
Count it joy and gold

And from the west they’ll fear The Lord
In the east His glory
He’ll come like pent up water streams
His winds shall drift them surely

By the power of Jesus Name
You’re safe forevermore
His Name is Father God our friend
The Christ, The open door

All going, take His rod and staff
You humble and you meek
He intervenes on your behalf
Your strength when you are weak

You need not more than Jesus balm
Look back not to the fray
Strengthened by His hand my friend
You’re free to go today

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Hosanna in the Highest

They took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna, blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.
John 12:13

God’s plan of redemption for all, came to all of us on Palm Sunday. Christ our Lord came riding Into Jerusalem humbly, on a donkey. There was pure joy in the eyes and hearts of many that day. But others where outraged; and they looked for ways to kill Him. He was crucified, for our transgressions. God’s redemptive plan was fulfilled in His crucifixion for all mankind. We rejoice everyday, for His redemptive work in us. Gods plan to redeem us was finished at the cross. Jesus took all of our sins and put them where they belong; gone forever. Up from the grave He then arose. His Name is Jesus and our sins are all forgiven
Because of Him
Be loved friend

You Are Very Special

When you rest your weary head upon the pillow tonight
Remember just how beautiful you are
Just by being in this world.
Your presence is a very special blessing to so many.
Your gifts are needed, and no one can fulfill them quite like you do.
Because you are a gift to others
Especially created by God.
I pray for strength for you
For the tasks at hand, that God has set before you.
Let Jesus touch you, with His healing hand
And stroke you gently, to rest
Sleep soundly tonight
And may you wake refreshed and rejuvenated
For the new week ahead
Happy Easter week friend

Lilies of the Valley by Kelly Griswold


My Selfless Mother from Sarah Griswold

My mother is the best example of this.
She always offers the best to others before herself.
I am blessed to follow in her footsteps and learn from her.

In His Palm

“Blessed is the man who trusts in The Lord
and whose Confidence is in Him”

Rest well tonight friend
In the peace of Jesus
Knowing how much He loves you
Safe and sound; in the palm of His Hand k