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Autumn has flown in this year, stoically, like a swan, with streaming elegance and grace.
A kaleidoscope of color meets my eye; floating down from heaven.
Quilted feather beds dot the lumpy rolling landscape.
Jutting out from the wooded path; a moonlit pond.
The entrance of that old familiar stream is coming into view.
The brook always sings with a babbling bubbling song.
The soothing sounds always seem to draw me in, to take another picture.
The leaves sail upon the pond. I might say; they are one of the best of the autumnals.
Weightless in the air, they wind themselves down from the sky, in free flight.
Little helicopters and skydivers, twirling and winding themselves down each to their perfect landings.
Wispy and lightweight; they stack themselves high, into crispy carpets.
I love to feel them rustling under my feet.
I almost feel as if I’ve set their engines ablaze again, each time I kick them up and up.
They’re Mostly yellow this year.
Now I rest upon the bearded hillside, near the old homemade teepee in the woods, that my kids built years ago; and I just sigh in wonder.
My, how tine flys.
I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;
for He has given me another cool breath to enjoy with Him.
I thank Him for my relationship with Him; His endless love for me; for forgiving me of all my sins; for His precious grace; for the very ground upon which I came from, stand upon and set upon.
I thank Him for making all things new; as old things pass away.
I give thanks and praise to Him for all that He has done. Even His name.
The name above all names. I thank Him for times of rest and healing that comes from Him.
I thank Him for my family that I love. I pray for His protection over them all; against the harshness of this world.
I Thank Him for His perfect everlasting love; and for all of the beauty He bestows upon His people.
His Majesty, Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Master of All.
I Thank and praise You oh Lord, Thank You for all the beauty, that You have made.
You’re all we need”

Kelly S Griswold

Heaven Bound

Heaven bound

Hallelujah He is coming
Very soon the trump will sound
Hallelujah He is coming
We’ll meet Jesus in the clouds

Live His love, leave our pride
Egress on, with hearts held high
Overcomer’s side by side
On this journey by and by

When many arrows point our way
His sword and shield, let them fly
One foot standing on this earth
One heart looking toward the sky

We see dimly through the glass
God works all things for our good
We need not know the day or time
God’s perfect love, understood

Hallelujah He is coming
Very soon the trump will sound
Hallelujah, He is coming
We’ll meet Jesus in the clouds
No more crying no more pain
No more death, nor dying
In the twinkling of an eye
Alive with Christ eternally

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

Listen Lovely

‘”All things work together for good
For all who love God
And are called according to His purpose”
Romans 8-28

Never give up friend
God is working it all out
no matter what the trial
He’s got you

“Listen Lonely”

Lord Jesus, keep me humble
My heart is open wide
Help me to listen lovely
To Your voice so deep inside

So soft, calm and stilling
Holy Spirit, I’m listening hard
Your wisdom be indwelled in me
To keep my heart on guard

Seeing things through your eyes
Your light, my compassionate don
All truth and Love, Lord Jesus …
To listen lovely, Thy victory won

By Kelly S Griswold

I Glory in My Saviors Love for Me

It’s paramount to see
In this world I may have nothing
With Jesus in my heart
I have everything

When diverse trials come my way
And try to take my peace
I count it all joy, my friend
He surely tempers me

Perfecting me in wondrous ways
I knew not of before
To glory in my Saviours love
Better things in store

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

The Brook

God is Faithful
God is kind
His creation 
So divine 

The brook beside the mossy knoll
Calms my soul
Calms my soul

Fresh and clean and crystal clear 
Effervescent ebbulence   
Sparkling ‘heath His chandelier 
By woodland dark, musky, dense 

Gently flowing, friend of mine 
It never really says goodbye
Moving with each branch and pine
In and out with each springtime 

I hear the steady water mill
O’er the rocks
O’er the rocks 
Right ‘beside me when I’m ‘lone
As I bend down 
Thirst for His crowns 

Barely running on today
Showing me it’s time to rest
And I’ve endured a long day’s quest
I’ll slumber deep with God’s caress

Trusting as the river winds
Even in it’s downward phase
God is faithful God is kind
Helping me to hush my mind

Trusting as the river winds
Even in it’s downward phase
He is faithful He is kind
Helping me to hush my mind

Words and music
Kelly S Griswold

Come In From the Rain

Where do the ducks go
On a cold and rainy day
When the waters are rough
From the wind they’ll abstain
They head for the coves
Tall timbered terrain
Just like you and me
Come in from the rain

Kg. 21

Simply Free

We’ll sit by the fire
Come with me friend
By the banks of the river
At Lampreys low bend

I’ll cook you a kettle
Of the finest fish
We’ll eat of some brown trout
From copper dish

A smidge of bread n butter
Drinks from paper glass
Not a care in This world
On a wee bed of grass

It’s so fine to be resting
Mongst pillows of Brie
Nobodies bickering
I’m simply free

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

Cast Your Cares

“Cast your cares upon Him, for He careth for you” 1 Peter 5:7

As surely as the Sons light peers through the window
God’s love shines for you.
Peeking round the corners
And into your heaped up heart
With newness of life
Touching your soul
Lift your eyes up to Him
Rest the days weight on His shoulders
Each and every time
For the wisdom of the day
He will lift and steady you
Filling you with billows of love
For the decisions you’ll make
Molding you for His sake
Saturating your each and every desire
In His light with strength from up above
Setting your compass to live for Him
In the power of His love

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Autumn Leaves

There’s a gentle wind
Outside my window
Blowing me fresh kisses
The soft rustling sound of the leaves
Brushes back and forth on the stoney path
Sand dancing
The shadowy leaves roll in the flickering sun
Designing pretty kaleidoscope sheaves
Sweeping summer away
Ushering in fall
Reflecting Gods warmth
In my heart …
Steadily, perfectly, rhythmically
A pendulum is moving
Back and forth
There’s balance the sultry air
One by one, the leaves are gently falling
God knows
God’s kindness softens change
and that is comforting to me …
Lulling me back to sleep
I may never wake up

Kelly S Griswold

Have a beautiful day friend


Tower Strong

“May Peace be within thy walls
And Prosperity within thy fortresses”
Psalm 122-7

Tower Strong

What peace she has in Gods great kingdom
Between His shoulders high
Strong the towers are that hold her
When the storm winds vie

Though they may obliterate
Silence all her cries
Christ in all His strength beside her
Sets snare upon the lies

They may try to crush her spirit
Try and beat her brow
Her armor held up straight and high
Will thwart, each evil eye

With the strength, of Christ the Savior
Sure in humble faith and pride
She stands ‘long side the Lions roar
Almighty God, He turns each tide

By Kelly S Griswold