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Humble dove

Start the music
Strike up the Timbral
Play the melodious harp
Hold your hands high
March humbly on,
In Heavenly Harmon love
His Holy word, proclaims the truth
Sharper than any two edged sword
Move with grace
Move with style
Harmless as a dove

Kelly Sampson Griswold


When you fret
You rob yourself
You align with stress
Putting peace on the shelf
Let the thief
Steal no more
Bring your thoughts back home
Trust God and be secure
God has all things
In control
He never changes
He loves us all
Cling to His word
You’ll be strong
With unwavering hope
All the day long
Because of the cross at Calvary
Your joy can’t be robbed
When you live in His grace
With His victory, faith and dignity
Your joy can’t be robbed
When you live in His grace
With his victory, faith and dignity

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

Who Remembers

Who remembers?

Pretty as a pic

I remember that night
When I was six
Curlers tightly set
My head hurt a bit

Sleeping very soundly
When I woke up with a fright
I cried “Mom my curlers!”
They’re pinching me tonight”

With a hop skip and jump
She came right to my aid
“We must suffer to be beautiful”
Her soothing voice did say

She put some ponds cold cream
Into the palms of my hands
We rubbed our hands together
To help me forget

Never mind the mere pinches
That danced upon my head
I thought about tomorrow
I’d be beautiful by then

Kelly S Griswold