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Pray for baby and family in India

We have a facebook friend Swarunpa Rani requesting us to pray for the following:
“Last month God has done wonderful miracle in our ministry. Praise Jesus for that. i like to share that miracle with you. Here is a young married couple, husband name is Vijendra and wife name is Chanti. They both married in July-2007. From 5 years, they don’t have children. Actually, she got pregnancy few times in these five years, but missed. So, in this year again she got pregnancy. Praise Jesus. They told us and requested us to pray for the healthy pregnancy. So, from few months we are praying for them. Last month on October 11th, God showed me a vision about that pregnancy. Actually that day we prayed for them. That night i am sleeping, but mid night i am not able to sleep. My heart is forcing me to pray for that couple and pregnancy. So, i woke up from sleeping and prayed much for them and healthy pregnancy. When i am praying about them, satan is trying to attack on that baby(pregnancy). So, i much prayed in that mid night. That time God showed me a vision that “He is giving a healthy baby boy to that couple and needs to put baby name as Joel”. Praise Jesus. That night i felt very happy that God is giving healthy baby boy and showed me a name for that baby boy. And next day morning i talked with that brother Vijendra in phone and told him about this. Vijendra also very happy and cried in phone about that vision and name Joel. So, from that day we are praying very strongly for them and safe delivery of baby, because God showed me that vision and i told to them about that vision. Last month on Wednesday-October-31st evening, i am in church because every Wednesday evening we have women prayer meet at our church. So, when we are in the middle of prayer, we received a call from brother Vijendra. he told me that his wife is safe delivered and given birth to a baby boy. Hallelujah, Praise Jesus. That time i felt very very happy in my heart and praised Jesus for His great miracle. Presently the baby boy is fine and he is 6 pounds. Nireekshana and i went to hospital and seen that baby boy and prayed for him. i told strictly to Vijendra that please don’t put another name(hindu names) for that baby boy because God has special plan for that baby boy and He showed name as Joel (exactly 20 days back on October-11th before that baby boy entered in this world). i am very happy to share with you this miracle. Your prayers are so much helping and working in our ministry. Your prayers are giving us so much encouragement and strength. Our God is using you as a good vessel in His glorious ministry in India through your faithful prayers. We love you. our orphan children and sunday school children sending their kisses for you. God Bless you.