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Thank You God for a brand new day.
Thank You for the sunshine.
It’s good to let the sunshine shine on your face.
In the winter, you need the suns nourishment.
Sometimes, you can bundle up and take a walk in the park,
and just lift your face toward the sun.
It’s good to slow down and regroup your thoughts. You always get an even better view of something second time around.
Take for instance Did you ever notice that when you read something for the first time;
you can quickly ascertain the meaning, but if you read the same thing in a little while you can get a more rounded view of what is being said?
Taking the time to slow down and meditate on His word for a few minutes a day, during your break is good for your soul.
As you submit your thoughts to God moment by moment, it honors Him and thus bringing glory to His Name.
And don’t forget from time to time, to look in the mirror.
Remember to feel the freedom His love for you brings.
Breathe in long … Breathe out slow, now your calmer and good to go!
Your own uniqueness is beautiful in that mirror
Weaving a path for you through the stresses …
Take Him with you all through the day to meet the challenges
With a clear view
Have a great day friend k
p.s. and remember …
If the suns not out; look in the mirror again
And you’ll see the sun
Kelly S Griswold


Autumn she’s gone
With her last breath
Leaving a caveat
Winter she came
In a whirlwind
Quicker this year
No less a lady
Meeker for the wear
Wet and muddy tracks
Finally past her tears and fears
Snow capped trees
Cover for the fallow deer
Protecting her
From danger here

Kelly S Griswold

The Ups and Downs

Bright and Sunny and very windy Mornin!
And again, our weather’s been all over the place
the last several days.
One day we bottom out at -10 degrees
Next day we climb to 55 degrees!
Tonight we’ll be going to 2!
Who can take such swings in temperature

Our lives can be that way sometimes.
We wonder if we will make it through the swings.
A look at the past and we can see how many
ups and downs, we’ve been through.
Rest assured The Lord has sustained us through them all.

Peter was walking on water until he took his eyes of Jesus.
We only have to keep our eyes on Him, and everything’ll come out right as rain in the end.

Matt 14:29-31
“And He said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship,
he walked on the water, to go to Jesus. But when he saw the
wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink,
he cried, saying, “Lord, save me”. And immediately Jesus
stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him,
“O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”
And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.”

Wishing you a great day friend, with His stable trust
above the fray, full of the peace and Joy of Christ k

Prayer for Bob who has COPD

Heavenly Father, We pray for Your touch on Bob as he is dealing with COPD. Restore his lungs dear Lord
as his breathing is difficult. Lord give him and the family a special touch of Your love. Let them know
that Your are right in the mist of their lives right now. We thank You Lord for all that You have done
and will do. We pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

I’m not a worship band
I’m just singing out His Name
Part of Jesus mighty people
Recovered from my shame

I’m living in His freedom
His loving vessel, led
I’m flying in His mercy …
Golden days ahead

I’m not a worship band
I’m just singing out His Name
Part of Jesus mighty people
Cleansed by the Lamb

I’m living in His freedom
The blood that Jesus shed
Flying in His mercy
Golden days ahead

I love you Jesus
I love you Jesus
I love You Jesus
Golden days ahead …

Kelly S Griswold

Honor and Praise

If there be any Honor
If there be any Praise
Let it be for Lord Jesus
Who at Calvary lay

He is our Strong Tower
Saves, loves, protects,
He lifts us high in love
All of our days

He sets our feet
Upon solid ground
He holds us tightly
Safely and sound

When in pain we call out
Our yearning is heard
He heals what is broken
We soar like a bird

If there be any honor
If there be any praise
It comes from Lord Jesus
Loves warm rose bouquet

Kelly S Griswold


God with us
Sweet babe in the Manger
Gift of Love we trust

Beautiful Savior
Hearts changed forever
Through the love of our Father
A glorious King

In You we claim
Your great healing power
As we call on Your Name
Each tender hour

Salvation Story
Fogiveness, redemption
Your Power and Your Glory
The Blood of The Lamb

Kelly Sampson Griswold