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Until The Storm Has Past

Ascending to the reality of a situation
Sometimes is hard, when it’s time to let it go in love
In the letting go, let the truth remain
Absorb the shove
Disengaging from the pain
Separating from the storm it carries
Confident in the knowing that God is in control
Loving and forgiving, all the awhile
Never bitter, only better
Praying to The Lord above
Until the storm has past
Giving God complete command
Peace to peace from end to end
The best outcome is in His Hand
Kelly S Griswold

The Fixer

Isn’t it so Cool When God fixes Something that we thought was beyond fixin?
It always starts with our attitude first. He loves me and you enough to tell us that.
For situations may take time to work out;
but all we have to do is pray and not worry
…let go and let God work in His Miraculous Perfect way
…and pretty soon we are looking back on what once seemed impossible
and think Ahhhh…I see the lesson in that. Gods infinite wisdom touching the soul.
He is and will always be the God of the impossible.

Forgiving Love

Aside from kowtowing to the hustle and bustle of this quick paced ever changing, sometimes careless world; we can be assured that there is rest for our mind. By shedding all pretense, letting go and letting God, calling on His perfect will and letting it be.
Let His love fill you and permeate your heart and not just your mind.
Let His Holy Spirit and His ways, take over in the moment. Let God who is perfect, take care of the slight.
Surely people will be fickle-and they are going to let you down. Sometimes even daily, your heart will get crushed; but baby you will not be destroyed! You take up your bed and walk on; because you have hope in your heart ( you know that Jesus will take care of the situation) and you will forgive them, because you know that Jesus first loved you.
You know that you know what you know.
You know that if you trust Him in your situation, you can be confident of the outcome. grace babe … you know that grace.
Our Heavenly Father loves you with an everlasting perfect love. He said that , He works all things together for the good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. To love and forgive your enemy is Life.
What an awesome thought; knowing that God is your perfect, forever loving, never changing “Rock of Gibraltar”…”the Heavy”.
Jesus wants to fill you up with His unconditional, unchanging healing love; to show the hurting in the world that there is someone who is never going to change. Love wins the day. Continue to love others the way God has loved you. He is proud of your strength of faith that chose Him.
As you learn to trust in the almighty God who never changes His love for you; His love brings life. Life that is bigger that all the pain that people cause. You will be stronger and wiser, beyond your pain. The Love of Christ in you; will in turn be that love for others who are hurting. Who better to tell them that God Cares. You are His messenger of triumph over Pain. You are Beautiful …

Kelly Sampson Griswold