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Your Beautiful

I’ve seen you walk the sidewalk
More gingerly with time
Like you’re getting out of someone’s way
Stepping out of line
Like you don’t feel you’re worth a thing
Ducking, Dodging, Apologizing …
To me that’s not ok
To think that you must walk the streets
Feeling that you have to shy away …
Like you’re taking someone else’s space
Behind the sidewalks pace
Well You just keep on walking
With your head held high
You don’t have to cower
You don’t have to hide
Walk with me My Princess …
You have a place to be
You grace the sidewalk
You’re beautiful
To me

By Kelly Sampson Griswold


When we ask for forgiveness we can count on this;
The word of God, of which its truth says,
“I even I will blot out your transgressions. I will remember your sins no more.” Isa.43:25

Believing in (trusting in) what Christ has done for you on the cross is the only prerequisite.
When we ask Jesus to come into our heart, He removes our sin in that instant. He removes it forever.
Gone, as far as the east is from the west. It can never be counted against us again.
His forgiveness is a beautiful thing; a new way of life.
Living for Jesus comes with a never ending supply of Holy Spirit fruit, to live on. His Holy Spirit teaches us of Jesus ways; giving us the power to help others to know the way too.
I want all of His fruits!
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.
I love abiding in His vine, which is full of The Lords fruit.

Being filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit is life and peace. You are now living in complete freedom from the past.

What a majestic eternal canyon of love we now live in; chockfull of His magnificent mercy and grace.
The choice? Just accept His love and forgiveness; enjoying your new home that is infinitesimal miles wide; splashing with showers of everlasting joy!
His grace sets us free!
I love forgiveness! I’m walking in His light and happiness.
Come along too … and say I do to His perfect love for you.
Have an awesome day, in The peace that passes all understanding.
Kelly S Griswold

Happy and Free

Each morning I rise
Your love lifts me up
I go to work for You Jesus
You fill my cup

My eyes upon You
My ear tuned to Thee
It is then, I see Jesus
I’m the best I can be

I’m happy and free
Looking only to Thee
Because of your mercy
Living In me

Each morning I rise
With Your love to give
I go to work for You Jesus
To spread Your love and forgive

Kelly S Griswold

October chorus-
Have a great day friend
The sky is so blue today
The sun is shining brightly
Reflecting your beauty

Nature Walks with Nancy Ann

The birds were singing over my shoulder as if to waken me on this delicately crisp and cool, fall morning.
I could see them swooping up and down, slicing the air smoothly, like a knife; spreading their buttered wings in glee.  Happy that I was around, or was it the other way around?
Then, as low as low as low could go, they flew closely by my window sill.
Their cheerfulness seemed to boost me up out of my bed.
At first I didn’t want to oblige them; for I had been thinking of the days with my mother. Nature was one of her constant companions.  Thankful I was for those persistent birds fluttering around with their wispy feathers prompting me to get up and at em.
Thanking God, I threw on my sweatshirt and jeans, donned my moccasins and headed down the drive way still grief traveling.  A song came and flowed through my mind. “New world in the morning.” One of her favorites.  I felt raindrops rolling down my cheeks, stopping top the beaten ground; Lifting me gently along with the sweet morning air, was the sound my inner heart beat, heaped up with thoughts of my Mother, whom I missed so dearly.
Those birds came to ease my mind I thought. They were ok, and I would be ok. What a God send.
I had my new walking stick nicely fit to the curve of my hand as I traveled further over to the meadow.
Still brimming with noises, still there, unchanged. The wooded trail. It still had that mushroom and Christmasy pine needle scent and the soft blanketed feel of the moss was comforting underfoot. Walking with my Mother through the woods was always my favorite thing to do.
Once, I came across a baby coyote frolicking and I went along with him, letting him jump up on me. He wanted to play some more and again I obliged,
momentarily; until I realized that his Mother had to be somewhere, and not too far away. She most definitely wouldn’t abide this new friend.
Quick decisions are wise ones sometimes; Just as quickly, the weather crowned, the fog and mist lifted from the air like clockwork.
The sun broke through, with rays so soft and warm; they moved and dried my tears.
I think the clouds were tired of their stagnancy too. They dissipated before I knew it.
I sat down gently and quietly in the tall grass as I always do.
I was not alone a-fielding.
Not alone in my thoughts and song.
and when I rested in that quiet.
I moved and felt a presence bare itself
A deer had thoughts of mine, the same;
To rest upon the peaceful carpet of green grass.
Only a golden wheat curtain between us
He would teach me of the freedom
Of the wild blue yonder
For a split second, we instantly saw each other. We locked eyes for a moment … we stared … and then
Up and away with a flash of lightning, I heard
A thunderous crashing of hoof beats
He was off!
Swiftly he ran, sure footedly
With head held high
Confidence learned
“Don’t think”
“Just run”
“Don’t think”
“Just fly”

Story by Kelly Sampson Griswold