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Jesus’s Love For Us All

The Lord Jesus lives. He loved us all unto His death upon the cross; because He loved everyone. He was perfect and without sin. He paid the price, once and for all, persecuted for our sins. He did that so that we would not have to pay the price for the sins we have committed. I know it’s difficult to admit it; but we all nailed Him to the cross.
Sick of feeling tired tiring mans way to happiness? We must turn our eyes to the only remedy, Jesus. He is waiting patiently to give us all a new abundant life full of peace and happiness for eternity. His loving arms are open wide for all to come into His grace and let Him into our heart. Then all our sins are wiped away and we are as white as snow again.
He loves. you. If you want this peace and happiness that comes from the Savior, just close your eyes ask Him into Your Heart.

“Jesus I know you are calling me to Your eternal inner peace.
I feel your love and I’m letting my past and all it’s hurts go to you.
Come into my heart.” Oh … Lord and heal me.
Save me from my ways and give me your ways. Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me. Thank you for saving me and loving me. All glory, honor and praise to You Our Loving Saviour.”

Kely S Griswold

Twilight at Odiorne Point

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

A fiddle head shaped piece of driftwood sits wedged between two slate gray rocks. It looks as though it’s been nestled right there, tight and cozy for many years, bleaching in the sun.
The tidewater is magically swirling around my feet; massaging them. As each new wave comes in, the driftwood’s gully sounds are not without their rhythmic rounding , smoothing off the sharp edges.
Many new treasures are being created with each new sandblasting. They are slowly becoming gift’s of God’s wonder, all along the sea shore.
As the wind whistles through the jetty, sea shells are floating right on up to the shore. I am still now, just listening to the muffled sounds of the wind under my tightly held hat. Maybe I could turn into a sailboat! More crashing sounds of the ocean’s waves, are rushing toward me; rippling back and forth. The time here, has been Cathartic.
Deep within, I hear an old familiar music box, with intricate, revolving cylinders. A pelting scratch, a jingle cut, in the eye of colored glass.
I’m thankful to God; I have learned to listen to His breath, moving upon the earth.
In my heaped up heart, I let out a healing cry to my God in whom I trust.
From the safety of my warm thatched hut. I know that I am loved. I see the precious, soft, and silvery piece of driftwood, sitting securely in it’s entirety. Still, in the moment, just like me. Resting in Him, Happy as a clam, protected and all settled in; looking up.

I feel God is with us, encompassing us in his bosom. He has been there all the while. Loving us through all the trials. He’s never left us, through all the storms.
Thank you Jesus, for Your perfect unconditional love. You are our strength. There is no doubt; as a friend once said to me; there is a still small voice that soothes our ears, touches us with His healing hands, and carries us far; above the storms; all Thy way home.

Kelly S Griswold
Twilight at Odiorne point

Swift River Stream

It’s approaching sunset
by the gentle stream
God’s grace is flowing freely
Like the cool waters swirling round my feet
Feeling refreshed
For it’s been a trek, a tad lone and long
Looking up
A refreshing drink, renews my strength
My line is cast into the mirrors dancing floor
Where patience proves her very work
Time trips sound and jumps my bow
Mosquitoes play a courting song
As I doze In a standing sleep
In such a swift, yet peaceful place
So full and quenched by God Himself
In His sweet familiar flowing pace
Pans of fish
Are in the mix

Kelly S Griswold

Rest well tonight
You are so loved

Bumble Bee

A bumblebee came to visit today. Just watched it. Never thought, to shoo it away. It stayed awhile even though It probably had oceans to go before it’s journey was complete. But it was in my sight; today, in and out of my ocean of tears. Immmediately, It’s bouncy personality found a special place in my heart. It seemed to be worry less as it kept busy, I knew I was blessed for the quickened meeting. The hungry bumblebee sat for awhile and doted on a florescent flower. It bounced up and down dancing around showing me it’s beauty the softness of it’s it’s furry shine. The intricacies of it’s bright colors and the seeking sounds of it’s wings were stunningly alluring. I just watched, as it were it’s trampoline style jumping; and it’s perfectly attuned buzz, never a bother. The bumblebee seemed to hear it’s echo against the pistal and the stamen of the brightly colored flower. Deep inside, a silence returned back to it. Twasn’t long before it realized that the flower was only imitation; and all that glittered was not gold. Eventually it took flight again in search of the genuine and not the faux. To and fro it moved with a purpose. In the sound of it’s glow, it flew again seeking and seeking again and again; and this time, low and behold, it found it’s way to the authentic golden flower. Quickly and voraciously it drank and filled it’s famished being to it’s hearts content. It had never tasted such indescribably sweet nectar. Completely satisfied and strengthened, He flew away on the wings of a power and grace none of it’s own. In this
God takes care of the simplest things. God takes care of the bumble bee, he will take care of me.

If You Let Him

I heard my mother say in wisdom one day, “There’s the devil on one of your shoulders and Jesus on the other. Who are you going to listen to?” Your true happiness, peace and security rests in the latter of the two.
Deep Inside your heart, Jesus through His Holy Spirit would like to advocate for you and guide you; if you’ll let Him.
He will strengthen you and fill you with a peace and a power, you have never felt before. He will set you (above the fray) helping you through the horrors of this present world. You must separate yourself from the hypocrisy of sin, in this world that is disguised as rays of light. All of which tear you away from Jesus.
Your true destiny; and your road to success, is in Christ the Holy one begotten of the Father; who teaches you of His Love and power and strength, through His Holy Spirit.
God wants to knock the devil off his rocker aka your shoulder (the devil wants to pull you away from Jesus Christ). The devil wants to deceive you; to make you think you can’t succeed unless it’s only of yourself. He knows that you will fail without Jesus. He wants you to never care about God’s way’s and make you think you are your own God; never to trust in God. He knows that selfish living is fleeting, consumes you and leaves you empty in the end and ultimately destroys you.
God wants lead you in victory when you trust in Him the giver of all good things that last forever. You were meant to be victorious through Christ using your God given gifts for His glory. Call upon Him and He will show you great and mighty things.
The Lord looks at the heart. He is calling your heart to Him everyday. When you answer His call and accept Jesus into your heart, He sends His Holy Spirit to comfort you through your daily struggles in life. Holy Spirit shows us all about Jesus and His love for us. Holy Spirit works on the stony, unmalleable heart that is in bondage to self and makes a new heart that is tender and malleable; always looking to Jesus. Jesus is our example for right living. We need the Holy Spirit every moment.
Call upon Him and He will answer you and show you great and mighty things.
God sees you through the blood of Jesus our Glorious King living in a castle free and filled with His true light. He sees you as White as snow walking in the Kings ways. But that can only happen if you let go of yourself with the heavy stained cloak, old ball and chain of past hurts and shame. You’ve got to just do it. No holding on. God hates the devil who is absolutely robbing you of your joy! You have to jump across that ledge of the old crumbling stone building with bars and chains, walls and fences and tunnel vision limitations; bearing it’s cold and lonely face on all sides. Look up and take that swan dive! God is there with His open arms. Fall right into the arms of Jesus Christ. He’ll lift you to the other side; to the land of milk and honey.
When you let go of your old life and ways and completely trust in God; He meets you right there with a new heart and a new victorious life. that cannot be destroyed.

Kelly Sampson Griswold