A Place where You Belong

You are beautiful in the sight of of The Lord Friend. Put your trust in Him. He that made you uniquely special wants to do a special healing just for you this morning. Today. Sunday … your day of rest. When you put your trust in Him fully He will lead you in the correct path anointed by Him and protected from all harm. This is a new dwelling place dear one.  A place where there is no condemnation in His perfect grace … A place where You Belong! He will never leave your side. He knows you love Him deep inside and are longing for lasting peace. This is the place where He gives us beauty for those ashes of our unfulfilled lives, that were left to ourselves; broken and up until now not fully leaning on Him. A place that gives us oil of joy for our mourning … A garment of praise for that spirit of heaviness. Let it all go … Anything that hinders you from falling in His arms resting completely in His unconditional love. His love is for you. The former things that held you captive to misery are lifted and gone from your shoulders. He carries that weight on the cross for you. You are forgiven … No matter what you have done in the past the moment you ask … Dearest Jesus come into my life. Come into my heart … Come in today … Come in to stay … He will come into your heart and never leave you. You are now called the trees of righteousness … The planting of The Lord. Jesus is glorified through every repentant soul and grants us the newness of life that we all are so longing for. Feel His arms round you … Let Him love you and completely and heal you forever now beloved k

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