Bumble Bee

A bumblebee came to visit today. Just watched it. Never thought, to shoo it away. It stayed awhile even though It probably had oceans to go before it’s journey was complete. But it was in my sight; today, in and out of my ocean of tears. Immmediately, It’s bouncy personality found a special place in my heart. It seemed to be worry less as it kept busy, I knew I was blessed for the quickened meeting. The hungry bumblebee sat for awhile and doted on a florescent flower. It bounced up and down dancing around showing me it’s beauty the softness of it’s it’s furry shine. The intricacies of it’s bright colors and the seeking sounds of it’s wings were stunningly alluring. I just watched, as it were it’s trampoline style jumping; and it’s perfectly attuned buzz, never a bother. The bumblebee seemed to hear it’s echo against the pistal and the stamen of the brightly colored flower. Deep inside, a silence returned back to it. Twasn’t long before it realized that the flower was only imitation; and all that glittered was not gold. Eventually it took flight again in search of the genuine and not the faux. To and fro it moved with a purpose. In the sound of it’s glow, it flew again seeking and seeking again and again; and this time, low and behold, it found it’s way to the authentic golden flower. Quickly and voraciously it drank and filled it’s famished being to it’s hearts content. It had never tasted such indescribably sweet nectar. Completely satisfied and strengthened, He flew away on the wings of a power and grace none of it’s own. In this
God takes care of the simplest things. God takes care of the bumble bee, he will take care of me.

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