Twilight at Odiorne Point

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

A fiddle head shaped piece of driftwood sits wedged between two slate gray rocks. It looks as though it’s been nestled right there, tight and cozy for many years, bleaching in the sun.
The tidewater is magically swirling around my feet; massaging them. As each new wave comes in, the driftwood’s gully sounds are not without their rhythmic rounding , smoothing off the sharp edges.
Many new treasures are being created with each new sandblasting. They are slowly becoming gift’s of God’s wonder, all along the sea shore.
As the wind whistles through the jetty, sea shells are floating right on up to the shore. I am still now, just listening to the muffled sounds of the wind under my tightly held hat. Maybe I could turn into a sailboat! More crashing sounds of the ocean’s waves, are rushing toward me; rippling back and forth. The time here, has been Cathartic.
Deep within, I hear an old familiar music box, with intricate, revolving cylinders. A pelting scratch, a jingle cut, in the eye of colored glass.
I’m thankful to God; I have learned to listen to His breath, moving upon the earth.
In my heaped up heart, I let out a healing cry to my God in whom I trust.
From the safety of my warm thatched hut. I know that I am loved. I see the precious, soft, and silvery piece of driftwood, sitting securely in it’s entirety. Still, in the moment, just like me. Resting in Him, Happy as a clam, protected and all settled in; looking up.

I feel God is with us, encompassing us in his bosom. He has been there all the while. Loving us through all the trials. He’s never left us, through all the storms.
Thank you Jesus, for Your perfect unconditional love. You are our strength. There is no doubt; as a friend once said to me; there is a still small voice that soothes our ears, touches us with His healing hands, and carries us far; above the storms; all Thy way home.

Kelly S Griswold
Twilight at Odiorne point

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