Jesus’s Love For Us All

The Lord Jesus lives. He loved us all unto His death upon the cross; because He loved everyone. He was perfect and without sin. He paid the price, once and for all, persecuted for our sins. He did that so that we would not have to pay the price for the sins we have committed. I know it’s difficult to admit it; but we all nailed Him to the cross.
Sick of feeling tired tiring mans way to happiness? We must turn our eyes to the only remedy, Jesus. He is waiting patiently to give us all a new abundant life full of peace and happiness for eternity. His loving arms are open wide for all to come into His grace and let Him into our heart. Then all our sins are wiped away and we are as white as snow again.
He loves. you. If you want this peace and happiness that comes from the Savior, just close your eyes ask Him into Your Heart.

“Jesus I know you are calling me to Your eternal inner peace.
I feel your love and I’m letting my past and all it’s hurts go to you.
Come into my heart.” Oh … Lord and heal me.
Save me from my ways and give me your ways. Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me. Thank you for saving me and loving me. All glory, honor and praise to You Our Loving Saviour.”

Kely S Griswold

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