Going to be Alright

“Consider the lilies, how they toil not and they spin not and yet I say to you; that Solomon and all His glory was not arrayed like one of these. If then God so clothed the grass, which is today in the field and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you.”

I had a dream last night of an old “friend”
She was crying … She was tired and she laid down and rested.
Her soft, slightly puffed and tired eyes kept tearing … So I shut the door away from her tight … against the hustle bustle world …
I gently wiped her tears away and said there there …
It’s going to be alright.

You know, If The Lord cares about all the little birds
And the trees and the flowers and the bees that He made go buzzin round and round … Surely He has you right in the palm of His hand.
How much more does he care about you? So much that He spread His arms and died for you to know how much.

Life is difficult sometimes, but God is good. Be gentle with yourself and love yourself even if you can’t be perfect and fix everyone. You keep doing your best in Gods power, and He will do the rest. Let His love melt your stresses. We are all learning to live in His wisdom. That’s what His love is for. We can rest in Him; knowing that we are worth more than many farthings to God.
He wants you to know that you are beautiful in His sight.
Hungry and tired from a hard day? … Know that God is proud of you! That’s what is important. He is our identity, provider, peace and strength.
Ahhh…feel the rest xoxo k

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