Break of Dawn

At the break of dawn,
I hear the birds proclaiming His Majesty.
They sing with confidence.
They know that God takes care of their needs.
Each day, that you wake up;
I pray, that you feel loved and cared for.
May you feel Gods infinite joy
because you are His joy.
You are so special. You have great worth and great purpose;
and as you take a deep breath of fresh air,
may you feel refreshed for the new days demands.
May God bring you new wisdom each day as you grow in The Lord
Knowing that with the Lords love and help;
Your strength is renewed; as the eagle.
Fly High above the fray, proclaiming your victory
for the glory of The Lord.

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart
All ye that hope in The Lord.” Psalms 31-24

Have an awesome love filled day friend.
And give the world one of those delightful contagious, smiles of yours! They are gifts and
They have wings k

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