Autumn she’s gone
With her last breath
Leaving a caveat
Winter she’s come
In a whirlwind
Quicker this year
No less a lady
Meeker for the wear
Wet and muddy tracks
Finally past her tears and fears
Snow capped trees
Cover for the fallow deer
Protecting her
From danger here
Kelly S Griswold
Rest assured tonight friend, that from His humble stable birth, to the wooden cross; straight to us;
Jesus came to save us, from sin and death, and give us a new life for all eternity.
Thank you Jesus for saving us; for dying on the cross for all mankind. Thank You Lord for protecting us from the evils of this world; and for relieving us of all of our burdens. We give them to you snd put all of out trust in You.
Thank you Lord for Your cleansing blood for forgiveness of our sins and for giving us everlasting life in You. In you we have the victory always. To You Jesus, be all the glory, the honor and the praise.
May the Love of Christ keep you in His perfect peace!
Kelly Sampson Griswold

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