Thank You God for a brand new day.
Thank You for the sunshine.
It’s good to let the sunshine shine on your face.
In the winter, you need the suns nourishment.
Sometimes, you can bundle up and take a walk in the park,
and just lift your face toward the sun.
It’s good to slow down and regroup your thoughts. You always get an even better view of something second time around.
Take for instance Did you ever notice that when you read something for the first time;
you can quickly ascertain the meaning, but if you read the same thing in a little while you can get a more rounded view of what is being said?
Taking the time to slow down and meditate on His word for a few minutes a day, during your break is good for your soul.
As you submit your thoughts to God moment by moment, it honors Him and thus bringing glory to His Name.
And don’t forget from time to time, to look in the mirror.
Remember to feel the freedom His love for you brings.
Breathe in long … Breathe out slow, now your calmer and good to go!
Your own uniqueness is beautiful in that mirror
Weaving a path for you through the stresses …
Take Him with you all through the day to meet the challenges
With a clear view
Have a great day friend k
p.s. and remember …
If the suns not out; look in the mirror again
And you’ll see the sun
Kelly S Griswold

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