Unceasing Prayer

I’ve sailed for miles in creaky boats
From pier to pier through daunting seas
Hearing wind and water sing
What laps o’er rocks and toughness brings

Divine and loving mercy donned
Unceasing love is what saved me
Treading balanced beams in prayer
To reap and sow His blessings fair

Jesus, oh Jesus
How you lifted me
Jesus, oh Jesus
I’m floating on with Thee

Pouring down from Christ The Lord
The oil of joy and stilly healing
Glued and seasoned seams and board
By God, His graceful tempering

His love has truly freed my soul
Lord, You set my Spirit free
Once I grasped the letting go
Where all is calm, stable, free

Jesus oh Jesus
How You lifted me
Jesus I’m sailing
Floating on with Thee

A Hymn by
Kelly S Griswold

Jesus Christ The Living God
Puts all our cares behind us

Kelly Sampson Griswold

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