For You

I’m not just chasing rainbow sun
When I say I love someone
I cannot change, on loving people
It’s as real as rain on steeples

Beading up on bended ivy
Climbing high and hanging free
I see my Fathers’ mirrored view
Echo trills, that sound of Thee

Bringing all the way back home
The happiness of letting go
Sweet, the song, rolls on and on
‘Specially on a springtime stroll

In stillness, giving up my treasures
All to Jesus, weight and measure
God my best friend under none
When I say I love someone

I’ll watch as pearls bend, tip and drop
Just because … well love is love
I’ll wait … From distances near crops
For real love never fades nor stops

A gentle rose in hopes repose
Grows and grows and Heaven knows
To love someone, I’ll water you
For His glory, His will, I’ll do

Kelly Sampson Griswold

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