Rest In His Arms

“Be angry and sin not; do not let the sun go down upon your wrath”

I’ve made my mistakes in life. Sensitivity, knee jerking and such; needing much help from above.
It is best to let slights go and never hold a grudge. I am much too busy loving all the beautiful things in people, than to pay too much attention to the things that have hurt me. We all have problems. Everyone makes mistakes.
I’ve learned that my confidence must come from God alone. He made me fearfully and wonderfully; and my happiness and contentment comes from The Lord.
I love people and I love hope. All people need The Lord.
Wisdom is to seek him In all things.
I apologize, even If the other person has hurt me. Is there something I can do better, I pray. Love seeks not it’s own.
After all, God has forgiven me when I was at my lowest and worst.
What a precious sound of the Holy Spirit in my heart. The sweet and freeing sound of forgiveness.
I love you with the love that God has given to me. I see you in the Light of Jesus Christ and His love for you.
Draw close to Him tonight friend, as you lay your head to the pillow; and rest in the arms of God’s perfect love. His love for you is forever.
You can cry if you want. Listen to His gentle words “Lo I’m with you always until the end of the age.”
You see, His arms never get tired holding you. You are precious to Him; and He wants to take care of you. You matter. He wants to free you from all of your past hurts and pain. He bore it all on the cross. He wants to touch your heart and heal you.
He sees you and He knows you. He loves you so much that every hair on your head is numbered. The times He thinks of you out number the sands of the sea.
He created you to be with Him; growing in His love, peace and happiness.
He’ll touch you with His love and He will never let you go. Yes, you may have pitfalls; but He will pick you up again, and wipe those tears away. He will always protect and deliver you. In the process, He will sow miracles of love into your being.
Have a beautiful night friend. You are so loved.

Kelly S Griswold

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