In Christ Alone We Trust

From the beginning of time
History repeats itself
Without God …
The downward spiral of society is clear
People sow with unkind ideas
As Jesus weeps …
They do not care, nor do they fear
Gods holy presence is not revered
Godly authority all but displaced
Lies flourish in misplaced grace
Courtrooms slay, in the name of selfish rights
Ignoring justice to fix the fights
Power, influence, acquittals, talk
The innocent fall between the cracks
Blinded crowds, glare and gawk
Cutting insults as we walk
How does one even feel from here
As they assuage guilt and dodge the truth
Deafened ears unabashedly pound on
This world so callous and cavalier
Having lost respect for life and morality
With halls of fame that lead to shame
Until their eyes look up; and be born again
God is attuned, to the humble man
He whispers in our hearts to see
The Cross, a bursting light of dawn
Where God reconciled to us
The day He covered all of our sin
That leads us to His promised land
Many a mans dreams come to naught
But God breaks through … with perfect plan
Emanuel “God with us”
Who felt our pain from deep to deep
When all was vanity, fitful sleep
Enter, The Shepherd, the Prince of peace
Who melts our egos. . . to quietus
We realize we are His beloved sheep
We follow Him whose name is Jesus
He is the trophy, that we seek
He is strong and we are weak
He is justice, mercy, peace
He is our Constitution, speak
“In Christ alone we trust, and seek”

Kelly S Griswold

ref Isaiah 53

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