His Love For Me

God gave me everything. He gave me life. He gave me the free gift of His only Son Jesus Christ; who died on the cross to set me free from sin and death. He accepted me; giving me the best feeling in the world to be smiled upon by God; to be looked upon with complete love, mercy, acceptance, and grace.

He shined His light and love into my heart, fulling me with His Holy Spirit to live and grow through His love and power.

As I live for God and His ways, I feel consistent peace in my soul. This world may be full of heartaches and hardships, but I will conquer them all through our Lord of Lords. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

My desire is to live for Jesus; to be His workmanship; created for his good works; to bring others to the loving, saving knowledge of Christ our Savior who saved me.

His love for me overwhelms me and I am so thankful that He never changes and there is no shadow of turning. He never grows weary of me, and actually loves spending time with me.
This realization causes me to rest in who I am in Him and to be my best self with His power; for it is in His power, that that I have my being. My life Is beautiful; because of his never ending love for me.

May I only glorify Him and praise His Holy name.
His compassion for me never ends. His mercies never cease. His righteousness is mine for eternity.
I won’t miss out on any good thing because
God says
“But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus”

He sacrificed His life so that I could live. I pray each day for Him to keep changing me moment by moment; that I may have His attitude and not mine.
The creator of the universe, gives me free will. He does not coerse, manipulate … guilt, or interfere with who I am, to engage in our relationship,…
He is love and all that love shines in me

Kelly S Griswold

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