Time for a cool change
The leaves of the trees are just beginning to change.
Oh what lovely site down the bending paths that we cross.
The trees are collecting their sugar and starch to sustain them through the harsh changes of the winter cold. Leaning toward Dormancy, but nonetheless; for they are filling with strength in reaching for their rest.
From the yellows, oranges, reds and eventually the browns;
Inevitably their leaves fall off the tree and die.
Ya know, I like the fact that That God speaks of us (His beloved precious ones) as trees With leaves that “never die.”
The moment we give our hearts to Christ, Gods sends us His Holy Spirit, His comforter who lives in us, giving us sustenance within our hearts forever. We live forever learning of Jesus and His ways in newness and righteousness. He knows we all need to learn a new way of living and leave our old ways behind. How does this metamorphosis begin? Is it uncomfortable? Sure, but only until you have the courage to say help me Lord for I have sinned and I need You. In that humble moment the weight that you have been carrying begin to fall off.
Because you have let it go
It begins with a word
The Greek word for sorry is metanoeo
Literally meaning to change … Turn away from.

Lord help us to change and to be more like
You everyday. Not only to forgive, but to be forgiven.
Lord, fall fresh on us and set us free.
Let us all fall … into the soft pile of leaves dead to heaviness with all the crisp colors … fall fresh in newness of life.
Let love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control Fall into you by falling into Him. Oh what a release. The the cool change. Freedom to let it go and fall…
Now that’s a fall I’m up for!
Have a great day You are so loved. xoxo k

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