Autumn has flown in this year, stoically, like a swan, with streaming elegance and grace.
A kaleidoscope of color meets my eye; floating down from heaven.
Quilted feather beds dot the lumpy rolling landscape.
Jutting out from the wooded path; a moonlit pond.
The entrance of that old familiar stream is coming into view.
The brook always sings with a babbling bubbling song.
The soothing sounds always seem to draw me in, to take another picture.
The leaves sail upon the pond. I might say; they are one of the best of the autumnals.
Weightless in the air, they wind themselves down from the sky, in free flight.
Little helicopters and skydivers, twirling and winding themselves down each to their perfect landings.
Wispy and lightweight; they stack themselves high, into crispy carpets.
I love to feel them rustling under my feet.
I almost feel as if I’ve set their engines ablaze again, each time I kick them up and up.
They’re Mostly yellow this year.
Now I rest upon the bearded hillside, near the old homemade teepee in the woods, that my kids built years ago; and I just sigh in wonder.
My, how tine flys.
I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;
for He has given me another cool breath to enjoy with Him.
I thank Him for my relationship with Him; His endless love for me; for forgiving me of all my sins; for His precious grace; for the very ground upon which I came from, stand upon and set upon.
I thank Him for making all things new; as old things pass away.
I give thanks and praise to Him for all that He has done. Even His name.
The name above all names. I thank Him for times of rest and healing that comes from Him.
I thank Him for my family that I love. I pray for His protection over them all; against the harshness of this world.
I Thank Him for His perfect everlasting love; and for all of the beauty He bestows upon His people.
His Majesty, Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Master of All.
I Thank and praise You oh Lord, Thank You for all the beauty, that You have made.
You’re all we need”

Kelly S Griswold

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