Windham Trail

Thanking God for the warmer weather.
Had a nice time walking the Windham trail with my family.
With it’s touches of it’s older history, the scenery is quite picturesque and serene.
The junction used to be a railway station. It used to be fully equipped for the people who stopped there; with a general store built way back in the 1800’s.
foundations remain where Stalls for horses and buggies sat …and waited. An old caboose train still sits there, along with Remnants of the old buldings foundations. Dotting the land are nicely etched stone benches on which one can rest and read.
Miles of road lined with tall strong stone surrounding the trails remind
me of a song I’m singin …

” I go to the rock of my Salvation
I go to the stone te builders rejected
I go to the mountain and the mountain stands by me
When all round is sinking sand; On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
When I need shelter; when I need strength; I go to te rock.”

Have. Beautiful day friend, in His strength k

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