Thoughts from the Holidays

I love wakin up to a surprise dusting of snowflakes covering the deck.
Unnumerable, like a myriad of stars. So pretty!
Very thankful for another day to live and breathe. Each new morning, His grace to us is bequeathed.
Got wood for the fire.
Glory to God. Life is so precious!
The Holidays have come. The trees are still decorated with red and white candy canes, that symbolize Christ, and what He did for all of mankind on the Cross. Hallelujah.
The Holly was hung! The wonderful aroma of turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy persists. Sweet homemade gingerbread that was baked; and mine ‘ll have loads of real whipped cream on top! I Aways get some on my nose and everyone starts giggling. Ah … Such a merry time.
But for some, young and old, hearts are heavy for reasons too deep for us to know. As God puts it on your heart, check in on a neighbor or on someone sitting alone in a restaurant. You just might be their angel unawares.
As we bow our heads at night, and kiss our children goodnight or pray for our adult children who are on their own now, we can also pray for those who are hurting and less fortunate than us. We are gently reminded to do what we can do, to spread the love, peace and goodwill of Jesus, in our own special way.
For those hurting dearest Lord, We pray for them, a special dose of your love and kindness and mercy.

Shining His light and love; easing the strain in this hustle bustle world
Have a great day beloved k

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