The Greatest Call

Thank you Lord for this new day
“From the rising of the sun and to the going down of the same
The name of the Lord is to be praised” Psalms 13

“And whosoever will be the chiefest among you
Shall be Servant of all.”
Mark 10-44

As you rise, rise with Him
As you go, go with Him
Your day will be gloriously happy
No matter what the hardship
In your heart, give all your stress to prayer
To be in His will and His ways
Remember, the first will be last and the last, shall be first
Dedicate each moment of your life to The Lord Jesus Christ
In the caring for others
As you have concern, for their welfare
Keep the others feelings, first on your list
That’s the call
Be comfortable in striving for excellence, in The Lord’s power alone
Servant and leader, coexisting in you
Make serving others, in every way possible, your ultimate concern
This is the kiss of light, love and mirth
For any plight presenting on earth
The greatest call …
To be servant of all

Kelly S. Griswold

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