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Let It Go

We all have thoughts in our mind about how we think our future will be.
Sometimes we have to let it go and just trust. “Yet not my will, but thine be done Lord.”
We have to lay it all down for the good, along with acceptance, prayer and even thanksgiving; a sort of death of our vision so to speak; for God in His infinite mercy may have an even better plan.
Don’t ever give up. It is then, that you are in the palm of His hand.
Your future is as bright as Gods guiding light breaking through your new horizon. k
“I will hold you always, in the palm of my hand.”
Isaiah 41:13

Talk Singing

There is a thing called Talk singing
It comes in the form of a prayer
It is heard by Kings colleagues and waifs
From angels unawares
It knows not where it’s going
Or where from whence it came
But yes, it knows, the voice it hears
All His sheep are surely listening

Kelly S Griswold