I long for you my Lord
As I walk into Your vestibule
My strength fully restored
Your grace is my refuge

In Your sweet sanctuary
I am sheltered from the storm
Your word, my sword, my shield
Your grace is my refuge

Your arms so tight around me
So soft and oh so warm
I am always safe…I’m with You
Your grace is my refuge

In Your Holy presence
I praise Your Holy name
My precious Lord and Saviour
Your grace is my refuge

Kelly Sampson Griswold

We always have to remind ourselves that Jesus is always beside us, behind and inside us. We need to let Him comfort us.

Continuously communicate with Him and tell Him how you feel. Trust in His perfect and everlasting love for you. Pray unceasingly. Let His Holy Spirit fill you. Feel the healing power of Jesus. Even on the coldest of days our hearts are kindled by the fire of His love for us. Ooh… It’s getting warm in here!
You are so loved!

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Rest well my friend

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