Philippines hit with storm, please pray

Dear friends, Please take a moment to Pray for The people of the Philippines. For all the people who have lost their family members and loved ones-
One of the most powerful storms in History. Entire communities have been flattened.
Dearest Lord, We Thank you for the Red Cross and all the helpers of humanity in such a devastating time.
Lord You are right there with us all in times of trouble and You are our only source of help for everything that comes our way under Your great big sky. Help us Lord. Comfort the brokenhearted with Your love. You are our lifeline. You are our peaceful sanctuary; the peace that passes all understanding.
We are so saddened by these events in the Philippines. Hold us all even closer to you. We trust all to You Lord even though we cannot possibly, even dimly understand…Help us to never blame You for the catastrophes and destruction.
Forever, We live and breathe and have our being in You. We call upon You even more, through these devastating circumstances. Come Holy Spirit; for we need Thee this hour, Amen

I just received correspondence from a friend in the Philippines who very poignantly said “All we can do is trust God in these times.”

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