Not Just for this Thanksgiving Day

Not just on this Thanksgiving day
But for all of our days on earth
We owe all that we have to You
Every breath we take
On the cross You hung for us
For our every sin and woe
You suffered and you died for all
For such a love, You rose
We prosper in the plans You’ve made
For our family, friends and health
But most of all, the trust we have
Is In You above all else
We ask about Your promise true
A better place than here
When our lot in troubled times
Is oft times hard to bear
Lord You are our healing place
You bear our every load
Our eyes are fixed upon You Lord
We’ll walk Your streets of gold
Not just for this Thanksgiving day
But for all our days on earth
We thank you Lord for Your love and grace
The promise indwelt from birth
By Kelly S Griswold
Happy Thanksgiving
May your day be healthy and joyous!

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